Commendation in Honor of Senator Roberta Madison


WHEREAS, Although the faculty at CSU Northridge has twice elected her to this body, Roberta Madison has only managed to serve for two years, and

WHEREAS, She has endeavored to continually remind us of the irrelevance of gender by only answering to "Bobby," and

WHEREAS, She has faithfully torn herself away from her BayWatch location in Malibu to cross Los Angeles to attend Senate meetings, and

WHEREAS, She has labored mightily to establish a new norm for footwear at Senate meetings, i.e. tennis shoes, and

WHEREAS, She has never once tried to pull rank by reminding us that she is Nancy Kerrigan's mother-in-law, and

WHEREAS, She has actively contributed to this body during her brief tenure, and

WHEREAS, She is now returning to the campus where she will be devoting all her energy to the issue of assessment, now therefore, let it be

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University extend the appreciation of the Senate to Roberta Madison for her service on the senate and wish her well in her continued involvement on her home campus.

Approved by Acclamation May 9-10, 1996

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