Commendation in Honor of Senator Francis Stites for Service on theCommittee on Teacher Education and K-12 Relations


WHEREAS, Frank Stites has decided to retire from the Academic Senate CSU after two terms of exemplary service; and

WHEREAS, This decision was prompted by the Academic Senate’s downsizing and elimination of his senate position; and

WHEREAS, Frank Stites has had a long-term interest in issues related to the preparation of teachers, having served with distinction on all Academic Senate committees with responsibilities in teacher education; and

WHEREAS, Frank Stites brought to those committees a strong commitment to having a close working relationship with K-12, as demonstrated by his continued involvement in the classrooms of San Diego public schools; and

WHEREAS, Frank Stites was a strong advocate of the position that “the successful preparation of teachers is dependent upon the involvement and concern of faculty from all disciplines in the CSU”; and

WHEREAS, Frank will eagerly return to his many devoted students in history classes at San Diego State who will continue to learn effective ways to think about History; and

WHEREAS, Frank, like all his fellow senators, and like Minnesota’s children, is “above average”; and

WHEREAS, His keen intelligence and sense of organization will be difficult to replace; and

WHEREAS, Survival of the Super 8 Motel is put in jeopardy by Frank’s retirement from the Senate; and

WHEREAS, His colleagues and friends will miss him in their repeated explorations of good but cheap restaurants; and

WHEREAS, Frank’s retirement from the Senate will create one more confusion of certainties for us to resolve into another certainty of confusions; and

WHEREAS, Frank really does like to laugh at things unrelated to the CSU; and

WHEREAS, Frank probably would scoff at the time it has taken to read the above whereases, nonetheless; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University thank Professor Frank Stites for his years of excellent work and wish him well as he takes up fully his many campus responsibilities.

Approved by Acclamation May 9-10, 1996

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