Commendation in Honor of Senator Juanita Barrena


WHEREAS, In 1990, the faculty of CSU Sacramento sent the Academic Senate CSU a street fighter from Brooklyn; and

WHEREAS, Gina “Dr. B”, as her students call her, has brought a much needed element of Brooklyn PIZZ-AZZ to our deliberations; and

WHEREAS, Juanita Barrena has been a role model for “telling it like it is”; and

WHEREAS, Juanita Barrena is unusually deft at couching inflammatory ideas in eloquent, resolution-approprate language; and

WHEREAS, Juanita Barrena’s commitment to the undergraduate teaching mission of the CSU and access to that education is extraordinary and, furthermore, articulately argued; and

WHEREAS, Juanita Barrena’s commitment to the integrity of faculty governance and the role of the Academic Senate in that shared governance is unparalleled; and

WHEREAS, Juanita Barrena has shown a unique blend of political insight and parliamentary maneuvering to advance her positions (which she purports are always right and true);and

WHEREAS, Juanita Barrena has not only fought for high principles related the academy, but has distinguished herself by also living by them; and

WHEREAS, Juanita Barrena has taught us, and the Academic Affairs Committee in particular, the true biological distinction between sharks and guppies, to the awe of those trying to navigate the “sea-change”; and

WHEREAS, Anticipation of what Juantia Barrena might ask the Chancellor, when she does not move to delete him from the Senate’s agenda, energizes our plenary sessions; and

WHEREAS, Her passion for students whose educational attainment has been persistently obstructed by institutional racism is unchallenged; and

WHEREAS, Her mentoring of junior Sacramento senators is greatly appreciated; and

WHEREAS, Juanita Barrena has “marked” the Sacramento Dais for all time; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University wish Juanita Barrena well in her continued pursuit of the education and development of students, her efforts to sustain access and opportunity for underrepresented students, and her pursuit of the values of the academy; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU wish the street fighter from Brooklyn the best of health, happiness, and the joys of living.

Approved by Acclamation May 9-10, 1996

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