Protecting the Rights of Contingent Faculty Who Participate in Shared Governance

AS-2931-09/FA (Rev)


RESOLVED: That, insofar as lecturers participate in shared governance in the California State University at the campus and system-wide levels, the ASCSU--while respecting the rights of individual campuses to determine the extent of lecturers' participation in such activities -- urge the Office of the Chancellor and campus administrations to implement policies and procedures governing the compensation (through assigned time or in other appropriate ways) of lecturers for their participation in shared governance which do not penalize lecturers for such participation by loss or diminishment of workload (when teaching less than full time), status, or other entitlements within their departments, schools, colleges, or the university; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU urge the Office of the Chancellor and all campus administrations ensure that the workload, entitlement, and future employment of all lecturer faculty involved in shared governance is protected, and not adversely affected in the short-term or long-term, by the consequences of performing this vital and valuable service to the university; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU distribute this resolution to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, campus Presidents, Provosts, and campus Senate Chairs.

RATIONALE: The majority of CSU faculty, measured both in terms of headcount and FTE (nearly 70% on some campuses according to 2009 data), are employed on contingent work contracts. These faculty face terms and conditions of employment which render them most vulnerable to the deleterious effects of budget cuts, course cancellation, program cutbacks and program consolidation. Contingent faculty are the first to experience the results of such cutbacks, with ensuing consequences often including decreased faculty workload, loss of healthcare benefits, and potential layoff. In an effort to encourage all faculty (including contingent and non-contingent lecturers) to participate in shared governance activity, and, specifically, to afford lecturer faculty an unencumbered opportunity by which to voice their significant concerns during these challenging times for the CSU, the ASCSU urge that the workload, entitlement, and future employment possibilities of all lecturer faculty shall not be adversely affected in any way by their participation in shared governance activity inclusive of both short and long-term assignments. Additionally, if the receipt of WTU is granted for such activities, all appropriate campus and statewide offices assure that these units can be received by lecturer faculty for performing shared governance activity without any adverse effect upon present or future employment for the CSU.  Addendum: As verified in the Message to ASCSU dated 12/21/09 from Bernhard Rohrbacher, California Faculty Association Director of Representation (attached in full and excerpted here): Pursuant to the laws quoted above and other applicable law, the amount of release time or other compensation, if any, provided to faculty serving on the Academic Senates is not a term or condition of employment that would be within the scope of representation. This issue is therefore not an issue over which CSU has to meet and confer in good faith with CFA, the exclusive representative of faculty on all issues within the scope of representation within the meaning of Government Code 3562(i).”

This resolution addresses the need to review and revise any deleterious consequences of campus and/or system-wide policies.


Approved Unanimously – January 21-22, 2010


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