Resolution Condemning Hate Crimes Within the CSU


RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of California State University (ASCSU) reaffirm its commitment to providing a learning environment that respects all members of its community and holds central to its mission the values of inclusiveness, cultural diversity, and the welcoming of multiple perspectives: and be it further

RESOLVED: That ASCSU decry any word or deed that is meant to demean, threaten, or injure any individual based on group affiliation or personal characteristics, especially where such actions occur at institutions of higher education; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU condemn in particular as vicious hate crimes recent acts of verbal and physical violence at California State University Chico, California State University Long Beach, and California State University Dominguez Hills; and be it further

RESOLVED: That this resolution be forwarded to the CSU Board of Trustees, CSU presidents, CSU campus senate chairs, and the California State Student Association, and victims of recent incidents of hate crimes on CSU campuses as described below.

RATIONALE: According to the website of California State University Chico:

In California, you are considered a victim of a hate crime if you have been targeted because of your ‘real’ or ‘perceived’ race, ethnicity national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability. People belonging to these groups are referred to as ‘protected classes.’ All people are members of a protected class ( crime.html).

In recent months, several incidents that may be classified by statute as hate crimes, as well as other actions that may be classified as hate speech, have occurred on California State University campuses.  As cases in point, a transgender student at California State University Long Beach; the Associated Students campus President, a native of Africa, at California State University, Chico; and a gay student at California State University Dominguez Hills were all recently attacked.  Although law enforcement authorities can act on legal issues, it is also important for the CSU faculty to decry these actions because they are fundamentally counter to the institution’s stated mission and values.

Approved Unanimously – May 6-7, 2010


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