Opposition to AB 2401 (Block) and Loss of Statewide Admissions Diversity and Quality



RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) oppose AB 2401 (Block), which would require that California State University (CSU) campuses deny admission to all freshman applicants out of the campus local service area (LSA), unless all CSU-eligible LSA students are granted admission; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU assert that AB 2401 would reduce diversity in the student body of CSU campuses by limiting the number of students from disparate areas (e.g., the Central Valley and the North Coast regions) of California outside of their LSAs; and be it further

RESOLVED: That AB 2401

      • would reduce opportunities for students with special talents or interest in areas of the arts, agriculture, engineering, athletics, and other fields not offered by their LSA campus;
      • could incur large financial costs by necessitating an increase in the number of campuses offering particular programs, such as teacher preparation;
      • would deny admission to non-LSA California applicants with higher eligibility scores than those of admitted LSA applicants, thereby denying high achieving students access to their intended campuses;

    and be it further

RESOLVED: That ASCSU reaffirm that CSU campuses are supported by and intended to serve all citizens of the State of California and not just those of their LSAs; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU send this resolution to the CSU Chancellor and Board of Trustees, California State Legislature, and the Governor of California

RATIONALE: The ASCSU opposes AB 2401 for the following reasons:

      • Budget reductions have forced CSU to reduce enrollments by 10% over a 2-year period despite high demand.

    Campuses were given short timelines to develop plans to deal with reduced enrollment.

      • AB 2401 was introduced in response to changes in the admission policies at a single campus, but could affect the entire admission process for the CSU.
      • The one campus plan that would deny admission to some CSU-eligible LSA applicants this year still exceeded its 11-year average percentage of LSA admissions and percentage of freshman admits from underrepresented groups by providing them additional eligibility score points.
      • CSU-eligible LSA students denied admission to local campuses are guaranteed admission upon completion of designated program at community colleges.

    The measure would overturn the mission of the CSU to serve the entire state and not just the local areas of the individual campuses.

Approved Without Dissent – May 6-7, 2010



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