Regarding Board of Trustees and Chancellor’s Office Response to Faculty Vote of No Confidence in President Shirvani
of CSU Stanislaus


RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate California State University (ASCSU) reaffirm its support for AS-2305-96/FA “Investigation of a Vote of No Confidence”, and AS-2819-07/FA “Board of Trustees and Chancellor Office Attention and Response to Faculty Votes of No Confidence;” and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU urge the Board of Trustees and Chancellor to investigate further the circumstances surrounding the faculty vote of no confidence in the president at California State University Stanislaus using the processes, and in the spirit of, the two above-referenced resolutions; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU urge the Board of Trustees and Chancellor to share the results of that investigation with the CSU Stanislaus Academic Senate and notify the ASCSU upon completion of the investigation; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU encourage the Board of Trustees and Chancellor to work actively, and on an ongoing basis, with campus constituencies to resolve the problems giving rise to the faculty vote of no confidence in President Shirvani at CSU Stanislaus; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU urge the 2010-2011 ASCSU Executive Committee to provide whatever support possible to our faculty colleagues at CSU Stanislaus during the Summer 2010; and be it further

RESOLVED: That copies of this resolution be sent to the Board of Trustees and Chancellor of the CSU, the President of CSU Stanislaus, the CSU Stanislaus Academic Senate, and campus senate chairs.

RATIONALE:The ASCSU has consistently urged the Board of Trustees and Chancellor to investigate faculty votes of no confidence in campus presidents.  This resolution continues that tradition and reaffirms the principles and processes in its previous resolutions on the subject. Actions in this instance may be particularly appropriate and urgent given the following finding from the recent WASC review at CSU, Stanislaus.

With full appreciation for the fact that the state’s current financial crisis has intensified at a time of increased demand and higher expectations, CSU Stanislaus can fulfill its mission and ensure a sustainable, high-quality university only if it engages in collaborative and inclusive, faculty-engaged planning processes that are fact-based, values-oriented, and aligned in all aspects with the primacy of the academic mission. Accountable, responsible, high-performing, and effective administrative and faculty leadership alike require nothing less. An organization committed to learning and improvement demands a well-understood process for making hard, immediate decisions inthe context of long-term (strategic) improvement, sustainability, and fulfillment of mission.

Accordingly, CSU Stanislaus should:

  • Clarify the respective responsibilities of the administration and the faculty in decision-making with a reciprocal appreciation for the necessary role of each;
  • Commit to open, direct, and timely communication of essential information and datarelevant to decision-making to deans, chairs, and faculty leadership;
  • Ensure fulfillment of educational effectiveness and institutional integrity by truthfulrepresentations of consequences of decision-making to students and the public; and
  • Fill senior administrative positions as quickly and effectively as possible with qualifiedpersons who share the University’s academic values through consultative processesappropriate to institutional integrity and educational effectiveness, with a recognition of the delegated authority of defined roles, including but not limited to the provost.

The importance of acting on this recommendation in a timely and open manner cannot be overstated. In taking concrete steps to address these specific concerns, CSU Stanislaus should also be mindful of the importance of trust among the constituents who clearly share a commitment to the success of the University in serving its students and community. An atmosphere of trust enables different perspectives to be considered and final actions to be taken without rending the character, values and purpose of CSU Stanislaus, which have been built deliberately, carefully, and patiently for over half a century.”

Approved – May 6-7, 2010



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