Commendation of Dr. Jeromina Echeverria Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer


WHEREAS, Dr. Jeromina Echeverria has had a long and very successful career in education; and

WHEREAS, Jeri had a distinguished record as a professor at CSU Fresno; and

WHEREAS, Jeri  has served the CSU in important administrative positions, including those of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs  at CSU Fresno and as Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer for the California State University, the largest university system in the nation; and

WHEREAS, Jeri has been an untiring advocate for effective shared governance on her campus and across the CSU; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Echeverria has earned the respect of faculty, provosts, deans, Chancellor’s Office employees and many others across the CSU and in our sister segments; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Echeverria is rightfully proud of her Basque heritage which has informed her scholarly work; and

WHEREAS, Senator Echeverria provided important information and  perspectives and wise counsel to guide the deliberations of the Academic Senate CSU; and consciously urges us to remember where the cheese is; and

WHEREAS, Senator Echeverria has been both a good colleague and a good friend: and

WHEREAS, Jeri is on the verge of accepting new challenges and taking advantage of new opportunities; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU thank Jeri for her service, her leadership, and her collegiality and wish her the best as she begins the next chapters of her life and career.

Approved by Acclamation - May 6-7, 2010




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