Commendation of Dr. John Tarjan

AS-2965-10/Bakersfield Del.

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has served the faculty of the California State University as a member of its Academic Senate (ASCSU) since 1997-1998, energetically representing his home campus of CSU Bakersfield; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has contributed to the ASCSU in an impressive array of committee and other positions including member of the Academic Affairs Committee (1998-99 and 2002-03), member of the Fiscal & Government Affairs Committee (2000-02), member of the General Education Advisory Committee (1998-2002), member of ASSIST (1999-2008), member of IMPACT (2002-03), LDTP Committee (2004-08), Academic Council Liaison (2008-10), Academic Technology Advisory Committee (2008-10), Provosts Technology Steering Committee (2008-09), 2nd Academic Senate CSU Budget Specialist (2009-10); and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has served in many leadership positions for the ASCSU including Chair of the General Education Advisory Committee (2006-2007), Secretary of the Executive Committee (2004-2005 and 2005-2006); and

WHEREAS, For the past two years John Tarjan has skillfully and tirelessly guided the ASCSU as its Chair; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has continued to nurture strong and personal relationships within both the Administrative and Faculty ranks; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has had the unenviable task of working double-duty while trying to cover for the absence of a Faculty Trustee; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan strongly promotes intersegmental cooperation through his participation in the Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates (ICAS), which he chaired in 2008-09, as well as serving as chair of its Advocacy Task Force in 2009-10; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan maintains close and significant ties between the ASCSU and multiple constituencies by attending numerous of their meetings throughout the state, including the California State Student Association, the California Faculty Association, the Alumni Council, and the Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association, among others; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan courageously donned his Teflon suit on numerous occasions to present the ASCSU point of view when our view differed from that of the audience(s); and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has contributed to the ASCSU in a number of critical ancillary positions which include, but are not limited to, Hungarian tour guide, window into the world of Utah, and expert on all sea creatures who call the Long Beach Aquarium home; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has served with camera always ready to provide a photographic history of the Academic Senate, including pictures some senators would rather the world not see; and

WHEREAS, Due to John Tarjan’s well known epicurean skills and sensitivies, many senators have been introduced to the gastronomic delicacies of Thai food and Pinkberry; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has put in many years as the senate’s chief scribe and will hopefully return to his role of providing informal “senate summaries” which were oh-so-useful to crib from for campus-based reporting; and

WHEREAS, Senators appreciate Chair Tarjan's attention to their needs through "bio breaks" and other brief respites during plenary sessions; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has demonstrated, on numerous occasions, the ability to perform a number of significant tasks simultaneously, earning him the title of “Multi-Tasker Extraordinaire”; and

WHEREAS, John Tarjan has successfully managed to avoid conflating his roles as a Business Professor, Statewide Senator, Statewide Senate Chair, and in all other respects should be seen as an all-around good guy; and

WHEREAS, The “Tarjan Taxi” has generously transported colleagues from airports to hotels to restaurants to convention centers and back again thus earning him the gratitude of many colleagues, contributing to the stretching the senate budget, and also preparing him well for a successful post-academic career in the transportation industry; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU express its deep gratitude to John Tarjan for his past and present commitment, leadership and service; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU extend to John Tarjan its appreciation for his upcoming service as Past Chair and the important contributions that he will make when he assumes that position.

Approved by Acclamation - May 6-7, 2010




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