Commendation of Dr. Robert McNamara

AS-2966-10/Sonoma Del.

WHEREAS, Robert McNamara has represented Sonoma State University well and truly on the ASCSU from 2004-2010; and

WHEREAS, Robert McNamara has served as a member of a remarkable number of committees and taskforces during his six years on the ASCSU, including the Faculty Flow Taskforce, the Financial Aid Advisory Council, the General Education Advisory Committee, the General Education Advisory Committee Course Review Subcommittee, the Taskforce on the Formative Review of Faculty Scholarship and Community Engagement, the Institute of Teaching and Learning and the Faculty Affairs Committee; and

WHEREAS, Robert McNamara has served in leadership positions on the ASCSU during difficult times, including as Vice Chair  and Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee and Chair of the Institute for Teaching and Learning; and

WHEREAS, As Vice Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee Robert McNamara always could be counted upon to “deliver the goods,” whether that involved taking minutes, writing resolutions, remaining well-informed and articulate on the issues under discussion, shopping for and preparing the Senate Reception, among many other contributions; and

WHEREAS, As Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee Robert McNamara did an extraordinary job of effectively leading an exceptionally energetic and feisty committee through numerous diverse and often controversial issues, while ensuring that the perspectives and input of all participants was heard and respected; and

WHEREAS, Robert McNamara is held in the highest esteem by his ASCSU colleagues for his eloquent and repeated defense of faculty rights, his fierce dedication to transparency and his penetrating questions to CSU administrative leadership; and

WHEREAS, Robert McNamara is known for his civility, sense of humor and knowledge of California wines, as well as his willingness to toss back a pint or two of fine brew with colleagues while engaging in weighty discussions involving significant matters of moment; and

WHEREAS, Robert McNamara is valued highly by his Sonoma State University colleagues for his expertise on international relations and comparative politics, his passionate defense of faculty prerogatives, his commitment to diversity, his deep and rich understanding of the connection between statewide and local campus decisions, and his clear and succinct reports to the Sonoma State Academic Senate about statewide matters; and

WHEREAS, Robert McNamara is highly respected by his ASCSU colleague from Sonoma State University as a valued partner in shared governance, a true gentleman, a delightful traveling companion, and most of all as a good friend who will be sorely missed; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the ASCSU expresses its great appreciation for Robert McNamara’s service, his contributions to shared governance and his cultivation of a spirit of civility during his tenure on the ASCSU; and be it further

RESOLVED: That a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Senator Robert McNamara and the Sonoma State University Academic Senate.


Approved by Acclamation - May 6-7, 2010




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