Commendation of Dr. Lorie Roth, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Services and Professional Development


WHEREAS, Dr. Lorie Roth has served the CSU through many years of meritorious service at the Chancellor’s Office, currently as Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Services and Professional Development; and

WHEREAS, Over the years Dr. Roth has dedicated her career to bringing excellence and enrichment to the educational experience of millions of CSU students; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Roth has been an unceasing advocate for the faculty of the CSU and their important role in the academic enterprise; and

WHEREAS, The ASCSU has greatly benefited from Lorie’s knowledgeable and well-considered contributions, in particular in her role as liaison to the ASCSU Faculty Affairs and other committees; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Roth has, with patience and grace, sat through countless hours of ASCSU committee meetings during which members complained about and criticized the CSU administration that Lorie was representing; and

WHEREAS, Current and past members of numerous ASCSU committees consistently have been impressed by and appreciative of Lorie’s well-informed input, her nurturance of a positive relationship between the Chancellor’s Office and the ASCSU, and her willingness to provide direct yet respectful and good-natured perspectives on a myriad of issues that have come before the committees; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Roth is the unquestionable “Queen of the Search Committee;” and

WHEREAS, Lorie has steadfastly mentored, socialized with, and kept in contact with a multitude of current and former Chancellor’s Office employees and Academic Senators; and

WHEREAS, Through her on-going positive contributions the ASCSU recognize and applaud Dr. Lorie Roth’s unwavering dedication to the CSU, its mission and, most importantly, the students that we serve; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU express its deep gratitude to Dr. Lorie Roth for her long-term and exceptional service to the CSU and the ASCSU; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU wish Lorie success, joy and fulfillment in her future endeavors, whatever they might be and wherever they may take her.


Approved by Acclamation- September 15-16, 2010

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