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Access To Excellence2008 Accountability Plan

Access to Excellence Accountability Plan 2008

Adopted by CSU Board of Trustees
November 2008

The Access to Excellence strategic plan recognizes as a key CSU strategic advantage the distinctiveness of the twenty-three universities: "each have distinct strengths, serve distinct communities, and meet the broad missions of the institution in ways tailored to community needs."

This Accountability Plan, too, values the distinct and diverse strengths of the individual institutions in the CSU. While Access to Excellence includes clear system-level goals, for which the system will stand accountable, the individual universities have their own strategic plans, which—while aligned with the system strategic plan—will necessarily affect the patterns and details of regional implementation of Access to Excellence.

Individual institutional priorities and goals are also influenced by regional needs and by outcomes from accreditation reviews. Accordingly, this Accountability Plan calls for only a limited number of mandated indicators, the data for most of which can be gathered and reported to the Board of Trustees by the Chancellor’s Office.

In addition, recognizing the distinctive characteristics of the individual universities, while also holding each accountable for helping to achieve broad system-level goals, this Accountability Plan suggests a menu of possible indicators from which institutions may choose to demonstrate progress toward the broad system-level commitments (Section III).

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