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CSU Employee
Fee Waiver and Reduction Program

The California State University offers eligible employees the opportunity to enroll in the CSU Employee Fee Waiver and Reduction Program. This program provides for the waiver or reduction of certain fees for employees who enroll in work related courses offered by the CSU for the purpose of improving skills for existing jobs, or advancement in accordance with a career development plan.

Executive Order 712 delegates to the campus Presidents or designees authority to admit for enrollment and to approve the waiver and/or reduction of fees for eligible employees.

All eligible non-represented and represented employees may enroll in a maximum of two (2) courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, per term. Participation in the fee waiver program shall entitle the employee to instructional services. Implementation of this program shall not require campuses to displace any regularly enrolled student nor establish an additional section or a course.

In addition to the employee fee waiver, eligible CSU employees (See Eligibility Section for details) may transfer his or her fee waiver benefit entitlement to a spouse, domestic partner or dependent child. The fee waiver may be transferred to one person only, regardless of whether the individual uses the full two (2) courses or 6 units.

See HR/Benefits 2011-14 for program procedures/criteria, tax issues and campus contacts. See Premium/Rates Section for actual fees waived under this program.

Fee waiver provisions may be found in the collective bargaining agreements as follows:

Physicians (R01) - Article 23
CSUEU (R02, R05, R07, R09) - Article 22
Faculty (R03) - Article 26
Academic Professionals (R04) - Article 16
Skilled Trades (R06) - Article 27
Public Safety (R08) - Article 20
Operating Engineers (R10) - Article 28
UAW (R11) - Article 9


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