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The CAPP Partnership Initiative (CPI)

In 1999, the California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) established a special case study project to work with a small number of "low-performing" high schools in California. The goal of the CAPP Partnership Initiative (CPI) is to support the schools in moving towards full implementation of the State Mathematics and English Language Arts Standards, preparing the students to pass the high school exit exam, and improving overall college eligibility rates. CAPP's role is to facilitate the integration of existing efforts with areas of need (as identified by the school), provide resources to address those needs, and document the work of the Partnership.

The CPI activities focus primarily on:

  • professional development opportunities for teachers;
  • teacher expectations of student performance;
  • middle school curriculum alignment/articulation;
  • parent/community involvement; and
  • student support services.

CAPP is providing up to five years of funding for the CPI project. The following schools are involved in this CAPP Partnership Initiative:

  • Inglewood High School - Inglewood Unified School District*
  • McClymonds High School - Oakland Unified School District
  • McLane High School - Fresno Unified School District
  • Morningside High School - Inglewood Unified School District*
  • Orosi High School - Cutler/Orosi Unified School Distritct

* The CPI work with these schools is a Districtwide collaboration.


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Last Updated: June 06, 2016