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In a nation where jobs for the unskilled are declining, and careers demanding advanced skills are increasing, citizens must be able to compute, communicate, and understand at more sophisticated levels than in the past. The California Academic Partnership Program funds partnership programs focused on improving these very skills.

By connecting middle and high school teachers with college and university professors and business professionals, CAPP enables partnerships to draw on the theoretical and research-based knowledge of the university and the practical knowledge of the workplace to make class materials more accessible to students with diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

Through projects that interest and engage the students, teachers find youngsters eager to learn mathematical concepts such as percentage, ratio, median, and mean. By actually using such concepts as part of an enjoyable team project, students find mathematics more real and memorable than when they try to simply memorize the theory from a textbook page. The aim of every CAPP partnership project is to help students learn, and to know how to use what they learn.

In 1993-94 CAPP funded six academic partnerships, all focusing on mathematics because math is the gateway to higher education.

While all CAPP partnerships improve curriculum, enrich student's classroom experience, strengthen academic achievement and high school graduation rates, and reduce dropout rates, there are always a few projects that are exceptionally effective. These partnerships are often chosen for dissemination grants and encouraged to spend a year sharing the news of what they've accomplished and how they were able to accomplish it. The three projects that received dissemination grants in 1993-1994 are:


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