CPDC Architecture & Engineering

A/E Archived Bulletins

Reference Document Subject
AE08-001 (.pdf) USGBC Membership
AE08-002 (.pdf) Seismic Review Board Emergency Response (.pdf)
AE08-003 (.pdf) Statement of Required Project Special Inspections (.doc)
AE08-004 (.pdf) Seismic Requirements Update (.pdf)
AE08-005 (.pdf) Master Enabling Agreements - Insurance Requirements
AE08-006 (.pdf) Alternate (Simplified) Method for Wind Load Determinations
AE08-007 (.pdf) Commissioning and Monitoring Based Commissioning
for CSU Capital Projects
AE08-008 (.pdf) USGBC Membership
AE08-009 (.pdf) MRB Update - Understanding the Mechanical Systems Review (.pdf)
AE08-010 (.pdf) MRB Update - Outdoor Lighting Design Guide (.pdf)
AE08-011 (.pdf) Seismic Review Board Emergency Response (.pdf)
AE08-012 (.pdf) Seismic Retrofit Priority List (.pdf)
AE08-013 (.pdf) CSU Seismic Requirements Update (.pdf)
AE08-014 (.pdf) Revised Title 24 Energy Compliance Requirements (.pdf)
AE09-017 (.pdf) Seismic Policy Update (.pdf)
AE09-018 (.pdf) USGBC Membership
AE09-019 (.pdf) CSU Policy on Claiming Federal Energy Policy Act (EPACT) Tax Credits (.pdf)
AE09-020 (.pdf) 2008 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (.pdf)
AE10-021 (.pdf) USGBC Membership
AE10-022 (.pdf) AE Agreements New Editions 9-1-10
AE10-025 (.pdf) A/E Agreements Design Bid Award and CM@Risk Updates Rev. 1-4-2011
AE11-026 (.pdf) CSU Seismic Policy Update 1-6-2011 (.pdf)
AE11-027 (.pdf) Seismic Review Board Emergency Response Protocol (.pdf)
AE11-029 (.pdf) USGBC Membership (.pdf)
AE12-031 (.pdf) USGBC Membership (.pdf)
AE13-034 (.pdf) USGBC Membership (.pdf)
AE13-039 (.pdf) CSU Seismic Policy Update 12-21-11 Rev. 7-15-2013 (.pdf)
AE17-002 (.pdf) The California State University Maximum Floor Area Allowances per Occupant for Classrooms, Laboratories, and Flexible Laboratories (.pdf)