Capital Planning Design and Construction

CM - Technical Bulletins

Bulletin No. Subject
CM 18-05 Construction Management Subsurface Utility Mapping MEA
CM 18-04 Insurance Programs for Construction Projects
CM 18-03 JOC Approved Project Management Firms
CM 18-02 Multiple Bid Abstracts for Multiple JOC Awards
CM 18-01 Minor Capital Projects Cost Threshold Adjustments
CM 17-03 SB 96
DIR Public Works Registration and Subcontractor Listings
CM 17-02 SimplexGrinnell General Provisions (2/2017)
CM 17-01 New Gordian Master Enabling Agreement
CM 16-08 Builders' Risk Insurance Program
New Rates and Classifications 2016/17
CM 16-07 DIR Enforcement of Electronic CPR Submission Resumes August 1st 2016
CM 16-06 DIR Notice to Ready-Mix Companies Regarding Electronic Payroll Reporting
CM 16-05 DIR Resumes Electronic Submission of CPR
CM 16-04 PlanetBids Public Solicitation Portal (PSP)
CM 16-03 RFQ/RFP Scoring Criteria
CM 16-02R2 Project Cost Threshold Adjustments
CM 16-01 JOC Projects
Electronic Certified Payroll
CM 15-03 Dept. Industrial Relations Miscellaneous Updates
CM 15-02 Prevailing Wages for Modular Furniture Installations
CM 15-01 Certification Review Board Procedure Change
CM 14-08 SB 854 Updates
CM 14-07 Electronic Signatures Not Accepted on NOCs
CM 14-06 Hazardous Material Demolition & Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) Coverage
CM 14-05R Formal Solicitation for Services: Conflict of Interest
CM 14-04 SB-854
CM 14-03 Hard Copies vs. Electronic Records Retention
CM 14-02 Major Capital Outlay - Project Close-Out Procedures
CM 14-01 Minor Capital Outlay- Increase in Project Limit
DIR-DSLE Compliance Monitoring Unit Project Invoices; PWC 100 Form
Requests for Inspection or Furnishing of Copies of Certified Payrolls