2016 CSU Facilities Management Conference


Best Practice in Architecture and Engineering

San Diego State | Storm Nasatir Hostler Hall Complex

San Diego State’s Storm Nasatir Hostler Hall Complex project is an innovative reuse of existing buildings while achieving LEED Gold certification and expanding academic spaces. Instead of tearing down old structures, built in 1957, the Storm Nasatir Hostler Hall Complex project completely renovated existing buildings adding much needed classrooms and reinvested the savings into energy and technology upgrades, all while preserving and matching San Diego State’s well-known interior and exterior aesthetics.

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Judging Criteria


Projects in this category demonstrate outstanding architectural achievement through innovation, quality, and execution of the design intent; a single project that exhibits a strategic coordination of its architecture through engineering; a building that uses technology and creativity to enhance its elegance, yet is efficient. The design should contain building elements that contribute to a positive campus experience. Other criteria include:

  • Form and function – visually resolved
  • Quality – well-made products with appropriate materials while meeting budget
  • Innovation – use of new materials and technology in a clever way; creative approach to obtain results
  • Design process – end to end user journey and opportunity
  • Execution – design concept well executed and implemented; purity, integration, elegance, and efficiency; elements and/or physical objects of design/engineering connected and systemized in an intelligent and logical way
  • Experience – building elements that contribute in a positive way to campus experience


All projects must have been completed between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2016.


Please direct questions to the Architecture and Engineering Committee Chair:

Barbara Queen
Director for Planning, Design and Construction
CSU Los Angeles
(323) 343-5784