CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Task Order Service Agreement for Professional Service

Agreement Type Use for: Limitations on Use
Task Order Service Agreements for Professional Services Supporting design services for any project. Ideal for design services on Minor Capital and JOC projects. Same as Service Agreements plus the following: Agreement value up to $400,000 maximum.
Agreement term limited to one year. May not issue multiple concurrent agreements to a single service provider.


A complete agreement includes the Agreement,
Rider A, B , and C.
CSU Task Order Service Agreement MS Word file
(rev date: 2-12-18)
Rider A - General Provisions MS Word file
(rev date: 3-23-18)
Rider B — Scope of Services, Term, and Payment Schedule
Rider B, as presented, is pre-approved by General Counsel. The campus may elect to add custom scope information in Rider B, Section 1.3 if desired. Changes to the rest of the document are strongly discouraged and will delay approval. Any changes or additions need to be highlighted and specifically approved by General Counsel.
MS Word file
(rev date: 7-12-16)
Exhibit A — Task Order
Individual Task Orders must be composed by the campus to define desired specific individual work task.

Required content of individual task order is identified in Rider B, Section 1.2.
MS Word file
(rev date: 12-9-16)