Outright Gifts

Each year, CSU alumni, parents, and friends provide the CSU with much needed financial assistance through outright gifts of cash, securities, or other property. Outright gifts have an immediate impact and are used to support the current needs of our schools and colleges.

It is recommended that you consult with an attorney or tax professional regarding tax benefits. Below is general information about how you may maximize your giving potential.

Gifts of Cash
Gifts of cash are the easiest and most direct way to give to a CSU university. These gifts can be in the form of checks or credit card payments.

Generally, you may deduct up to 50 percent of your annual adjusted gross income for cash gifts. Any deduction in excess of that you can carry over and use as a deduction within the next five years.

Gifts of Securities
A gift of stock, mutual funds or bonds is a popular alternative to a cash gift because it may actually save taxes twice. Generally, donors receive an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of securities and avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation. For example, suppose you purchased a stock ten years ago at $10,000 and its current value is $25,000. If you sell the stock, you could lose about one-third the value in capital gains tax. If you donate the stock to a CSU, the full $25,000 may be deducted from your taxes as a charitable gift.

You may claim an income tax charitable deduction of up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income for a gift of securities held for more than one year. As with gifts of cash, any deduction you cannot use in the year of your gift may be carried over and used as a deduction for up to five additional years.

Gifts of Personal Property
Perhaps you have a cherished collection of art, rare books, stamps, antiques or manuscripts. Individuals who have enjoyed such treasures during their lifetime often hope that others will learn from and appreciate them well into the future. The CSU welcomes property that can be used for teaching purposes or sold for the benefit of the University.

Gifts of Real Estate
As with other appreciated property, a gift of real estate can unlock the full value of your property and offer you specific economic advantages, while providing lasting benefits to the CSU. The CSU carefully evaluates each potential gift to ensure that it will enhance the University's mission. Marketability of the property is usually a key consideration.

A personal residence, farm, vacation home, or other real estate may be given to the CSU. Making an outright gift of appreciated real property you have held for more than one year results in an immediate income tax charitable deduction for up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. Any excess deduction that you cannot use in the year of the gift may be carried over and used as a deduciton for up to five additional years.

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