Chancellor's Communication-September 30, 2002


September 30, 2002
TO:         All CSU Employees
FROM:    CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed
RE:         Chancellor's Communication - Vote America
In the aftermath of the September 11th tragedies, many of us share a similar sentiment: We want to be able to help our country and to make a difference. Taking the time to exercise our right to vote is one way we can honor our country and our democracy. That's why we at the CSU are joining California Secretary of State Bill Jones and citizens throughout California in the Vote America project.
Vote America is a nationwide effort to engage our citizens in the democratic process by encouraging them to register and vote in the November 5th election. You can learn more about Vote America and the many components of the project at
Vote America has designated the week of September 30th as Voter Registration Week. Special programs and activities are planned for each day of the week to encourage Californians to register and vote. On October 2nd, the focus will be on voter registration for California's college and university students. The CSU and each of our campuses will play an active role in this effort.
I encourage all of you to do your part this year by registering, voting and encouraging others to vote. The decisions you make about which candidates and issues you support are very personal ones. But your decision to vote has a broader effect.
For example, several important initiatives on the November 5th ballot will affect educational institutions and the state for years to come. One of those is Proposition 47, "The Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002," a $13 billion general obligation bond for construction and renovation of public education facilities. If you would like to find out more about this important measure, please visit the CSU web site at Then click on "Prop. 47 Information" in the top left-hand corner.
To vote in November, you must register no later than October 21st. You can register by picking up a registration form at the local post office or at the county registrar of voters' office. Or, if you prefer, you can complete an on-line application form at The completed registration form needs to be received by the county elections office soon, so please complete it and mail it today. Thank you for making the vision of Vote America -- a renewed commitment to civic participation -- a reality. And, as always, thank you for all you do to make the California State University such an outstanding institution of higher education.
CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed

last updated September 30, 2002