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General List of Information Needed for Project Financing

The following is a list of general information for campuses to develop regarding future SRB bond funded projects. In addition, each program (student housing, parking, student unions) has individual elements that make up the structure of the debt program and influence aspects of the bond sale. Supplemental or more detailed planning information may be found under the different program headings on the home page for the Financing and Treasury department.

  • Project description (a one half page description of what will be built or acquired, and how it will be used).

  • Project timeline showing major milestones for Facilities Planning and Financing functions.

  • Total Project Costs on a CPDC 2-7 form:
    • Prior to bid;
    • After bid with winning bid information incorporated.

  • Amount to be spent from reserves on the project prior to bond sale (if any). Indicate if this amount is to be reimbursed from the bond sale.

  • Amount to be spent on the project from reserves after bond sale (if any).

  • Amount to be spent on the project from the sale of bonds.


= Total Project Cost

  • Desired interest capitalization period (usually not to exceed time needed to expend project funds).

  • A monthly spend down schedule for the construction period to be funded from bond proceeds.

  • Operating budgets for ten years out based on computed debt service provided by
    Financing and Treasury and the not-to-exceed value of the bonds and other information
    • For the project, and
    • For the new project combined with the operations of the current campus bond program.

  • If a property purchase is contemplated, individual requirements will be determined.
    Contact Financing and Treasury for additional information and to discuss the following:
    • Appraisal,
    • Evidence of no environmental issues, and
    • Evidence of clear title.


Last updated: September 2, 2008

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