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October 12, 2011
Code: FS 2011-04

FOA Delegates

George V. Ashkar
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Controller

Charlene Minnick
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Risk Management & Public Safety
Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) Payment Change

The Systemwide Risk Management and Public Safety and California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) Accounting have been working on implementing a program improvement as discussed at several Financial Standards and Advisory Committee (FSAC) meetings and as approved by the CSURMA Executive Committee. This improvement involves the change of address on Employment Development Department’s (EDD) quarterly invoices and sending them directly to CSURMA for payment.  Campuses will no longer be required to make UI payments to the EDD and seek reimbursement from CSURMA. Due to this change, the team has successfully remitted the FY 10/11 4th quarter UI payments to EDD on behalf of the campuses. CSURMA Accounting will post total payment amounts made on behalf of each campus on the Accounting Coded Memo website:


It is the responsibility of the campus to review and validate the UI detailed information through the TALX reporting system. The campus should perform their reconciliation using the TALX database comparing the campus payroll system to verify the charges are a previous campus employee eligible for UI. Any disputes should be communicated to TALX directly. For questions on how to access or use the reporting tool, please contact Rose Mizak, Client Relationship Manager with TALX at (314) 214-7689.  If you have questions regarding billing, contact Rebecca Skidmore at the Systemwide Risk Management and Public Safety office
(562) 951-4574 or rskidmore@calstate.edu.