Salary Program Guidelines
for MPP Employees

MPP Equity Increase

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Amount Effective
Trans Code
2002/03 - Present Discretion of President Discretion of President SCR
719 = 53
Note: Compensation for vice presidents must be reviewed and approved in advance by the CSU Chancellor (RBOT 01-08-01).

General Information

  • The MPP Equity Increase Program provides presidents with authority to grant salary increases to address equity, including market, issues if needed.

  • Equity increases are authorized by the president only and the authorization may not be delegated. Equity salary increases are to be approved only in rare circumstances based upon appropriate documentation.
  • Approval for Vice Presidents: Pursuant to the Board of Trustees Resolution RBOT 01-08-01, all vice presidential compensation, including MPP Equity Increases, must be approved by the CSU Chancellor. In addition, any additional employment also must be approved in advance whether for the CSU or for CSU foundations or other auxiliary organizations. As such, presidents must follow the approval procedure outlined in HR 2009-01. Vice President Compensation Authorization Forms can be found on the MPP Salary Program page.
Processing Instructions/Coded Memo Reference

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Last updated: February 5, 2009

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