Salary Program Guidelines
for MPP Employees

MPP Merit Bonus

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS
Earnings ID
2000/01 - Present Up to 15% Discretion of President

S6 - exempt

BN9 (S6)
Note: Compensation for vice presidents must be reviewed and approved in advance by the CSU Chancellor (RBOT 01-08-01).

General Information

  • Presidents have the discretionary authority to award merit bonuses to MPP employees if either of the following occur:

    • An employee meets specific measurable standards that were spelled out at the beginning of an evaluation period that indicate if specific actions are met, a merit bonus pay adjustment will be provided.

    • An employee meets a specific stated objective that is both articulated in advance and is measurable.

  • MPP bonus funding may come from either the annual MPP merit salary increase pool (unless otherwise instructed by the chancellor) or from campus funds. The annual campus bonus pool cannot exceed 1% of the campus MPP salary base using campus funds.

  • Approval for Vice Presidents: Pursuant to the Board of Trustees Resolution RBOT 01-08-01, all vice presidential compensation, including MPP Merit Bonuses, must be approved by the CSU Chancellor. In addition, any additional employment also must be approved in advance whether for the CSU or for CSU foundations or other auxiliary organizations. As such, presidents must follow the approval procedure outlined in HR Letter 2009-01. Vice President Compensation Authorization Forms can be found on the MPP Salary Program page.
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Last updated: February 5, 2009

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