Salary Program Guidelines for
SUPA (Unit 8) Employees

In-Range Progression

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Amount Effective
Trans Code
2006/07 A half-step or full step base salary increase. Beginning of a Pay Period SCR
719 = 51

General Information

  • An in-range progression is a salary increase within the existing classification and salary range. An in-range progression requires a half-step (approximately 2.3%) or full step (approximately 4.6%) base salary increase.

  • The employee's base salary must be set at a step rate on the CSU Salary Schedule.

  • In-range progressions are paid from campus funds and can be effective at any time but must coincide with the beginning of a pay period.

  • Anniversary dates should not be adjusted unless impacted by the SSI or performance maximum for the range.

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Last updated: April 10, 2008

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