Salary Program Guidelines for
SUPA (Unit 8) Employees

P.O.S.T. Certification Stipend

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS
Earnings ID
1995/96 - Present
  • $100/month (Intermediate)
  • $150/month (Advanced)
Payment to begin within 30 days after employee provides certification
  • 8ST0 (Intermediate)
  • 8ST8 (Advanced)
  • PC0 (8ST0)
  • PC8 (8ST8)

General Information

  • Upon achievement of an Intermediate P.O.S.T. Certification, an employee shall receive a monthly stipend of one hundred dollars ($100.00). In addition, for achievement of an Advanced P.O.S.T. Certification, an employee shall receive a monthly stipend of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00). Payment of the monthly stipend shall begin within thirty (30) days after the employee has demonstrated that he/she has obtained the certification.

  • In no instance should an employee receive the advanced stipend without also receiving the intermediate stipend.

  • Employees on IDL and EIDL are eligible to continue receiving the P.O.S.T. stipend(s) during the disability period.

  • Employees on NDI supplemented with catastrophic leave to full pay are to continue receiving the stipend.

  • No stipend should be paid for non-qualifying pay periods, nor should the stipends be pro-rated.

  • When an employee separates with sufficient lump sum vacation credits, the P.O.S.T. Certification stipends must be paid for prospective qualifying pay periods which correspond with the lump sum vacation credits. These lump sum vacation credits, including projected vacation credits, should be apportioned over the 21 or 22-day state pay period to determine the appropriate number of qualifying pay periods for which the P.O.S.T. stipend payments should be projected and paid. These additional payments should be submitted to the SCO via Std. Form 674.
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