Salary Program Guidelines for
SUPA (Unit 8) Employees

Special Assignment Stipend

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS
Earnings ID
2006/07 Varies by employee
$100 - $400 per pay period
Month-to-Month for the duration
of the special assignment
1995/96 thru
June 30, 2006
$100/month Month-to-Month for the duration
of the special assignment
8ST9 SA2

General Information

  • Unit 8 employees are eligible to receive a monthly stipend of $100 to $400 for performing one or more of the special assignments in Article 21 of the collective bargaining agreement. This stipend is in addition to any P.O.S.T. stipend.

  • The stipend is paid on a month-to-month basis for the duration of the special assignment.

  • An employee is not eligible for the stipend if the assignment is a regular part of his/her duties.

  • A side letter remains in effect confirming that a P.O.S.T.-certified bilingual interpreter may be considered by a Chief of Police for a special assignment stipend.

  • For employees on IDL and EIDL, the Special Assignment stipend must be discontinued for pay periods following the disability, e.g., in the next consecutive pay period the employee is no longer performing the additional assignment.

  • No stipend should be paid for non-qualifying pay periods, nor should the stipends be pro-rated.

  • The Special Assignment stipend ends in the qualifying pay period that the separation is effective or the Special Assignment ends.

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