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The California State University (CSU) is committed to maintaining and implementing employment policies and procedures in compliance with applicable state and federal equal employment opportunity laws and regulations. Executive Order 883 prohibits discrimination, and Executive Order 927 prohibits harassment, on the basis of a protected status: race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex (including gender identity, per HR 2004-12), sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, mental disability, physical disability, medical condition and covered veteran status. Retaliation against individuals for complaining about these proscribed conduct, opposing such conduct, or participating in an investigation or proceeding involving such conduct is prohibited by both executive orders.

The CSU's statement of commitment to equal employment opportunity principles is also found in the collective bargaining agreements.

Employee Unit Collective Bargaining Agreement Provision
Unit 1 (UAPD) Articles 26.21-26.25
Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU) Articles 25.1-25.2
Unit 3 (CFA) Articles 16.1-16.2
Unit 4 (APC) Articles 21.1-21.6
Unit 6 (SETC) Article 6.1
Unit 8 (SUPA) (none- see Executive Orders 883 and 927)
Unit 10 (IOUE) Article 8.1
Unit 11 (UAW) Article 16

The CSU takes allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation very seriously and will promptly conduct an investigation when warranted. Employees are strongly encouraged to report such proscribed conduct to their supervisor/manager or to the individual(s) designated by the respective campus to receive such reports. For assistance in identifying these designated individuals, employees should contact their campus Human Resources office.

There are established CSU procedures for employees to file allegations of discrimination, harassment or retaliation and for the University to respond to such allegations. The procedure available to each employee unit, and the document in which the procedure is detailed, are listed below. For assistance in utilizing these procedures, employees should contact their campus Human Resources office.

Employee Unit Procedure
Unit 1 (UAPD) Executive Order 419 , as amended by Articles 26.21-26.25
Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU) Executive Order 928
Unit 3 (CFA) Article 10
Unit 4 (APC) Article 5 or Executive Order 928 , as amended by Articles 21.1-21.6
Unit 6 (SETC) Executive Order 928
Unit 8 (SUPA) Executive Order 928
Unit 10 (IOUE) Executive Order 675
Unit 11 (UAW) Executive Order 928 (in Informal Level); Article 10 (in Formal Level)
Non-unit employees
(MPP, Confidential)
Executive Order 928

In addition to the CSU procedures listed above, employees always have the option of filing a complaint with the following government agencies:

•  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

•  The Department of Fair Employment and Housing

•  The U.S. Department of Labor

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