Article 23


Access Via Campus Communications


Union employee representatives may use their university e-mail account and campus mail for official Union communications in accordance with applicable reasonable university policy and this Article. The Union representative shall package and label materials for convenient handling according to the normal specifications of the campus which shall be communicated upon the request of the representative. Email communications must conform to campus email policies with regards to size and format of the communication sent. The name of the Union shall appear on all materials sent through the campus mail or email service. Employee mailboxes, if any, may be utilized by the Union for purposes of union communications to employees.

Union Access and Activities on Campus


The Union shall conduct Union business involving employees on campus during individual employee’s non-work-time on campus, except as provided for elsewhere in this Agreement. Union business shall not interfere with campus programs, operations, or the work of employees or other campus personnel.


As a courtesy, an administrator designated by the campus may be notified in advance via telephone or in writing by a Union representative who is not an employee when such individual visits the campus.

Use of CSU Property/Services


Based upon availability, the CSU shall provide the Union with one office space per campus with phone lines and high-speed internet access on each campus where employees work. The available office space may be shared with other campus unions. Charges for office space, phone lines and high-speed internet shall be borne by the Union.


The Union shall have access to existing bulletin boards for the posting of Union material subject to reasonable campus rules.


The University shall provide the Union access to meeting rooms at no cost based on availability and in accordance with reasonable campus rules. Use of other University equipment property or services shall be provided at reasonable cost, if any, in accordance with reasonable campus rules.

Union Release Time


The University shall provide the top level of Teaching Associate compensation for 4 FTE of Union leaders per year, including all applicable benefits for the purpose of negotiating and administrating the collective bargaining agreement between the parties. In addition to these 4 FTE, upon the advance written request of the Union the University shall provide reimbursable compensation on a 12-month per year basis including pay and all benefits for 4 FTE appointments for Union leaders. Appointments may be divided as the Union sees fit. Union leaders shall be compensated so that they incur no loss nor achieve any gain over their most recent or demonstrable potential appointment in a bargaining unit position in the employee’s career in the bargaining unit. The Union shall reimburse the CSU for all Union release time, including pay and all benefits, on a monthly basis. For the purposes of planning and scheduling, each campus must be notified of the name of the designated employee Union representative prior to the beginning of the term.

Employee List


Except as otherwise provided by the parties, the CSU, through the Office of the Chancellor, shall provide the following information to the Union by the end of the first week of every month in a computer-readable format in two files containing information on every employee in the unit:


Employment History Report:

  • Name
  • Unique identifier for each employee (formula is confidential)
  • Home Address
  • Class code
  • Class title
  • CB ID
  • Range code
  • Rate of pay (monthly or hourly, depending on class, reflects FTE)
  • Campus
  • FTE decimal (will be zero for ISA classes because they are hourly)
  • Reporting unit code
  • Reporting unit description
  • PIMS department code
  • PIMS department name
  • Status (active or unpaid leave)
  • Length of appointment
  • Appointment expiration date

Payroll Report:

  • Name
  • Unique identifier for each employee (formula is confidential)
  • Class code
  • Campus
  • Reporting unit code
  • Reporting unit description
  • Action code (regular pay, supplemental pay, redeposit, accounts receivable, reverse accounts receivable)
  • Gross monthly pay
  • Monthly employer contribution for each benefit plan (includes health, flexcash, dental, vision, life, retirement, social security, Medicare)
  • Hours paid
  • Dues and Union deductions of any kind, or Agency fees
  • Pay period (month and year)


As a condition of providing and having confirmed receipt of the aforementioned information on a monthly basis the CSU and the Union agree that the CSU is under no obligation to provide the identical employee information for the identical period of time more than one time during the life of this Agreement.

University Representatives


The CSU shall designate the University representatives responsible for responding to Union information requests under HEERA and this Agreement. The Union shall only submit information requests to these designated CSU representatives or their designees.

Reimbursement of Costs


The Union shall promptly reimburse the University for the reasonable cost of providing information, except for the information identified above, requested pursuant to HEERA, the Public Records Act, or this Agreement.

Publication of the Agreement


Upon ratification and approval by the parties, the University shall publish the agreement on its website.

Union Orientation


The Union shall be provided 20 minutes to present Union information at campus-wide, college-wide and tutoring center employment orientations. The Union shall also be provided 20 minutes to present Union information at department employment orientations if all of the unit members have not been required to attend an employment orientation as defined above.


The Union is solely responsible for the content and conduct of the Union presentation. No supervisor, manager or University official shall be present at the Union presentation. The University shall notify the Union in writing of all Campus-wide, college-wide and tutoring center orientations along with contact information at least 10 days prior to the commencement of each orientation.

Union Membership Election Form


A Union-drafted union membership election form shall be provided to all new employees at the same time as the employee is provided the new employee payroll information (e.g. W-4 and I-9 forms).


Each campus may make arrangements with the UAW regarding the method of collecting forms.


The University will not discourage employees from completing the form or becoming members of the Union.