The CSU recognizes the importance of procedures and policies for the protection of health and safety of employees and shall endeavor to maintain such conditions conducive to the health and safety of the employees.


In the event of earthquake, other natural disasters, or a state of emergency declared by a President, the CSU shall endeavor to take necessary health and safety measures as required.


An employee shall endeavor to maintain safe working conditions and shall adhere to CSU established safety rules, regulations, and practices.


An employee who observes or detects any safety hazard shall report it first to his/her immediate supervisor or appropriate administrator as soon as possible, and may report it to the Environmental Health and Safety Officer.


Recommendations and suggestions regarding safety presented by an employee or the Union shall be considered. When such recommendations and suggestions are submitted to the appropriate administrator and to the Environmental Health and Safety Officer in writing, the employee shall receive a response in writing giving the disposition of such a recommendation or suggestion.


When an employee in good faith believes that he/she is being required to work under unhealthy or unsafe conditions, he/she shall notify the appropriate administrator. The appropriate administrator shall investigate as soon as possible the alleged unhealthy or unsafe conditions, notify the Environmental Health and Safety Officer where appropriate, and shall immediately communicate with the employee as to the results of such an investigation and, if deemed necessary, the steps that shall be taken to correct the condition.

If the unhealthy or unsafe condition is an imminent hazard, as defined by Cal/OSHA, in which there is a reasonable certainty that a hazardous condition could be expected to cause death or serious physical harm, the appropriate administrator shall respond as soon as possible.


An employee may request a temporary classroom reassignment when he/she believes in good faith that his/her present classroom assignment presents a clear danger to his/her health and safety. The appropriate administrator shall promptly respond to such a request. Such a request shall not be unreasonably denied during the preliminary aspect of any investigation. If such an unsafe or unhealthy condition is found during such an investigation, the temporary classroom reassignment shall continue until a remedy is implemented. If, after the remedy is implemented, the employee still believes the unsafe or unhealthy condition exists, he/she may contact the Environmental Health and Safety Officer. The Environmental Health and Safety Officer shall respond to the employee as soon as possible.


A representative from BU 13 shall be appointed by the Union to serve on the campus-wide health and safety committee at CSU Los Angeles. Subject to the ability to find a substitute instructor release time shall be provided for the BU 13 representative to attend committee meetings or activities for the class or courses the representative is scheduled to teach on the day and during the time when the committee meets for one (1) day each quarter.


When available, upon the Union's written request, the Employer shall furnish campus disaster plans and the Material Safety Data Sheets on hazardous substances used by unit employees. Where available, other similar information, such as an Injury and Illness Prevention Program, shall be provided to the Union or an employee, upon written request and within the requirements of the law.


New employees shall be provided safety training as appropriate for their position as determined by the CSU. As deemed necessary by the President and/or required by Cal-OSHA regulations or final determinations, the CSU shall provide safety training and instruction to minimize illness or injury to employees.


It is hereby recognized that the CSULA campus has established a workplace violence policy.

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