At the request of either CSUEU or CSU, a meeting shall be held to discuss whether to establish a joint labor/management committee to discuss issues of mutual interest. If both parties agree to a Labor Management Committee (LMC) and one is established, it shall be composed of an equal number of labor and management representatives, appointed by their respective parties.


If formed, this committee shall meet on an ad hoc basis, at times and dates mutually agreeable to the parties and surrounding a campus specific issue that impacts BU 13 employees. The parties shall notify each other of the issues that they desire to discuss at least fifteen (15) days prior to a scheduled meeting date. LMCs shall issue a report within ninety (90) days of its last meeting.


The committee’s agenda shall be limited to discussing matters that the English Language Program has the authority to resolve and is related to the interpretation and application of the contract or policy to BU 13 employees.


Participation on an LMC requested by CSUEU and/or the Instructors shall be voluntary. These committee meetings shall be held during the Instructor's non-work time and shall not be compensated.


For LMCs requested by CSU, release time for participation by not more than two (2) Instructors shall be granted. LMCs requested by CSU shall meet no more than one (1) day per month.


A representative of Bargaining Units 2, 5, 7 or 9 shall be provided with release time to participate on the Labor Management Committee at CSUEU's expense, provided they meet the requirements of Article 5 of the CSUEU 2, 5, 7, 9 contract.


Committee recommendations, if any, will be presented to the Dean of Extended Education and the Human Resources Director and shall be advisory in nature.

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