Performance Evaluations shall consist of a minimum of the following reviews:

  1. student evaluations of teaching performance; and

  2. an administrative review based on classroom evaluation of the Instructor by ELP Administration or its designee(s); and

  3. the personnel file.

Administrative Reviews


A performance evaluation is a review of the ELP Instructor's performance and should be based upon job-related criteria. ELP Instructor performance evaluations are for the purpose of evaluating individual ELP Instructor performance and for providing guidance for performance development and improvement. ELP Instructor evaluations should acknowledge changes affecting the ELP Instructor’s position that have occurred since the last evaluation. ELP Instructors shall be notified at least one week in advance of an upcoming evaluation.


ELP Instructors with three (3) quarters or less of service within a calendar year shall be evaluated each academic term. An ELP Instructor with more than three (3) quarters of service within a calendar year shall thereafter be evaluated at least annually.


The evaluator shall be familiar with the regular duties of the ELP Instructor, as well as the pedagogy of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).


There shall be no changes in criteria and procedures used to evaluate the ELP Instructor during the appointment period, unless there is a change in the assignment of the ELP Instructor in which case notice of new criteria, schedule and procedures for written employment evaluations shall be provided in accordance with the above provisions.


The performance evaluation of an individual with an overall performance evaluation rating of below satisfactory shall include specific information regarding the areas of concern and specific recommendations for means of improvement. It is a recommended practice that the appropriate administrator counsel an ELP Instructor on below satisfactory performance before it is documented in a Performance Evaluation. The substantive content and overall evaluation rating are not subject to Article 7, Grievance Procedure.


An ELP Instructor’s performance evaluation shall not be negatively influenced by the failure of ELP management to provide necessary books and office equipment in a timely manner, provided that requests for such materials are submitted in a timely manner in accordance with Division policy.


The ELP Instructor shall be given five (5) work days to review a draft evaluation and provide input, if any, to the evaluator.


The evaluator shall consider input provided in the five (5) work day review period in preparing the final performance evaluation, and prior to placing it in the ELP Instructor’s personnel file.


Upon request of the ELP Instructor or the evaluator, the evaluator and the ELP Instructor shall meet to discuss the evaluation. Such a meeting shall take place within seven (7) work days of the request.


The written performance evaluation shall be placed in the ELP Instructor's personnel file. The ELP Instructor shall be provided with a copy of the written performance evaluation prior to its placement in the personnel file. Regardless of the overall performance evaluation rating scale, or other terms that a campus may use to evaluate overall performance, the campus shall use the term “satisfactory” to indicate an acceptable level of performance.


Upon request of the ELP Instructor and subsequent to the meeting between the ELP Instructor and the evaluator, the appropriate administrator, the evaluator, the ELP Instructor, and the ELP Instructor's representative, if any, shall meet to discuss the evaluation. Such a meeting shall take place within fourteen (14) work days of the request at a mutually agreeable time and location


If an ELP Instructor disagrees with a performance evaluation which has been placed in his/her personnel file, the ELP Instructor may submit a rebuttal statement that shall be attached to the performance evaluation. The evaluation shall be reconsidered by the appropriate administrator in light of the rebuttal statement and if the evaluation is amended, the amended evaluation shall replace the original evaluation and its rebuttal.


ELP instructors may submit suggestions for improving the performance evaluation form used for ELP instructor evaluations.

Process for Student Evaluations of Teaching Performance


The CSU agrees that it will not lock out any bargaining unit employee(s).

  1. Written student questionnaire evaluations shall be required for all ELP Instructors. Student evaluations of ELP instructors shall be used for providing guidance for performance development and improvement.

  2. A minimum of two (2) courses and a maximum of four (4) courses annually for each ELP Instructor shall have such written student evaluations.

  3. A summary of the results of these evaluations shall be placed in the ELP Instructor's Personnel File and given to the Instructor as soon as the results are tabulated.

  4. Instructors shall receive copies of the evaluations as soon as possible after the results are tabulated.

  5. If student evaluations are not tabulated by the time the administrative review is prepared, they cannot be used in that evaluation but can be used in the next evaluation.

  6. Either the appropriate administrator or the Instructor of record may request a meeting to discuss any concerns regarding the results of the student evaluations.

  7. Upon request of either party, a meeting shall be held within two (2) weeks.

  8. If an Instructor believes there is an error in the calculation of the ratings, upon presentation of the reason for that belief, the ELP Administration will have the ratings reviewed and recalculated, if necessary.


Student evaluations collected as part of the regular student evaluation process shall be anonymous and identified only by course and/or section.


Student evaluations shall not take place any earlier than the seventh (7th) week of instruction.


Any student communications or evaluations provided outside of the regular evaluation process must be identified by name to be included in the Personnel File.


Employment duties include classroom and related responsibilities. Classroom responsibilities include all duties required to properly convey the subject matter of the course to students. Related responsibilities include test correction, submission of course syllabi, submission of lesson plans for substitute instructors, submission of grades, making of level recommendations, attending required meetings which will not take place after normal work hours, taking and logging attendance, and such other reasonable duties as may be assigned by ELP Administration.

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