All positions in the bargaining unit that are to be filled, except for temporary positions of thirty (30) days or less, shall be posted on a designated bulletin board at the CMA.


Such position vacancies shall be posted as soon as possible and shall include the classification title, description of duties, desirable experience, minimum qualifications, salary range, and procedures to be followed by applicants applying for such vacancies. Except for the posting of temporary positions of thirty (30) days or less, position vacancies shall normally be posted for a period of not less than 10 days prior to the deadline to apply. Applications shall be submitted to the CMA Personnel Office.


The President shall make appointments.


Appointments may be to temporary, probationary, apprentice or permanent positions. Appointments shall be made through official written notification by the President. No employee shall be deemed to be appointed in the absence of such official written notification from the President. Such notification shall include the class title and time base to which the employee is being appointed, the initial salary, the employment status of the employee, and the effective date of the appointment.

Temporary appointments shall also specify the expiration date of the appointment. Upon expiration, a subsequent temporary appointment may be made. Temporary appointments may provide for separation of the employee prior to the expiration date of the appointment and shall specify that any employment in temporary status shall not be credited as a period of probationary service as defined in this Agreement. Such a separation shall not be subject to Article 30, Layoff, or Article 9, Grievance Procedure. No employee shall be deemed to be appointed in the absence of such official written notification from the President.


New employees are normally appointed to the first step of the salary range established for the class. The President may make an initial appointment at an advanced step when recruitment difficulties and/or special skills possessed by the applicant and required by the position mandate such action.

On Campus Vacancies


“On Campus Vacancies” are defined as positions which are permanent and have more (or will have more after current posting) than a single incumbent at CMA for classifications represented by IUOE when (a) there is no incumbent for the position or (b) there is a change to the work schedules or (c) management decides to post the work schedule.


17.7 Employees holding permanent status in the same classification as the “On Campus Vacancy” may file a request in writing with his/her Department to be reassigned should a position become vacant. For such a request to be considered it must be given in writing to a designated member of supervision prior to the position becoming vacant.


When a vacancy occurs, he/she shall be given preference over applicants not employed by CMA or not in the classification of the vacant position.


If more than one employee in the classification has the required skills and abilities and is otherwise qualified for the vacant position, the employee with the greatest amount of CMA service in the classification shall be selected.


This section does not preclude management from transferring employees for security or safety reasons or filling the vacant position with another employee for training purposes for a period not to exceed 35 working days.


When there are no employee requests to be reassigned on file or where there are no other employees in the same classification as the vacancy, this section shall not apply.

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