The CMA shall provide uniforms to bargaining unit employees. The CMA will provide, maintain, and launder, at the employee’s option, either a) shirts and pants, or b) coveralls. CMA shall provide to each employee a jacket for inclement weather. After a period of at least two years, CMA will replace the jacket, if it determines there is a demonstrated need for replacement. Employees shall be responsible for maintenance and laundry of jackets.


Uniform shirts shall be provided in either short or long sleeve. It shall be the employee’s option, contingent upon work assignment, which length shirt shall be worn.


Employees shall wear uniforms in accordance with instructions provided by CMA. Employees shall have the option to wear either a combination of shirts and pants or coveralls. The wearing of either shall constitute compliance with this Article.


At the employer’s option, shirts and coveralls shall include a name identifying the wearer. Such names shall be “first” or common usage nicknames and shall be so identified by each employee.


Employees shall have the option of wearing any hat or headgear of their personal choice.


The wearing of any Union insignia or button shall not be restricted by the CMA.

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