The Program shall adhere to minimum staffing and maximum caseload levels established by federal and state regulations and Program requirements. The Program shall also comply with all applicable funding source regulations. Federal-funded programs require an adult-to-student ratio of 1:10 in the classroom; state-funded programs require an adult-to-student ratio of 1:8 in the classroom; Early Head Start and the Infant and Toddler Program require an adult to infant ratio of 1:4.


The Program agrees to provide all supplies, tools, and equipment necessary for the performance of required duties.

  1. The Program agrees to reimburse employees for all pre-approved business expenses in accordance with CSU policies. Employees must submit requests for reimbursement in writing to the appropriate administrator for review and approval.


The Program agrees to distribute the workload as equitably as possible within the parameters of funding agreements.

  1. Family Advocates shall normally carry a caseload that will not exceed fifty-five (55) families.
  2. On a six-month trial basis teachers will be provided four hours each week on Friday afternoon for the purpose of educational planning and curriculum development. It is expected that this work will be performed in the classroom or applicable Head Start location outside of regular teaching hours. After six months, the Parent Council will review the impact of this program on the quality of education in the classroom to determine its effectiveness, and whether this program should continue. If the decision is made to terminate this program, the CSU agrees to meet and confer with the SEIU on the impact on bargaining unit employees, upon written request within thirty (30) days of notification.