General Training and Development


An employee may submit a request for training and development to the appropriate administrator. Such a request may include flexible working hours, if available, and fee waiver. If the appropriate administrator denies such a request, the denial shall be in writing.


When an employee is required by an appropriate administrator to take work-related training, the employee shall be granted release time for such training if it occurs during working hours. When an employee is required by an appropriate administrator to take work-related training during non-working hours, the employee shall be granted overtime pay or CTO as determined by the appropriate administrator. Appropriate costs for such training shall be borne by the Program.


Employees shall be provided necessary training appropriate to any newly assigned job duties as determined by the appropriate administrator. In-service training will be provided a minimum of three times per year. Employees will be paid as appropriate as if they had worked on those days.


Based on the operational needs of Head Start and the requirements of the position, the appropriate administrator may approve requests for participation in continuing education activities necessary to maintain licenses or certificates required by the state or federal licensing agencies.

Training Opportunities


An eligible employee shall be granted release time for the purpose of taking examinations to maintain a specialized license required by Head Start except for a DMV Class C operator license.

Employee Development


An employee wishing to pursue educational goals may, with the guidance and support of the appropriate administrator, in consultation with the Human Resources Office, formally develop and obtain approval of a career development program. This program must be based on the results of the annual self-assessment process and the analysis of data collected through the annual Program Information Report (PIR). This program should include attainment of a certificate, an associate degree, an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree or other achievement appropriate for the employee's professional goals in the Head Start Program.

Fee Waiver


The appropriate administrator shall approve requests from all full-time employees and part-time permanent employees for enrollment in the CSU fee waiver program subject to the provisions of this Article.


A maximum of two (2) courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, per semester/quarter (exclusive of courses in self-support programs) may be taken on the fee waiver program, provided that the CSU admission requirements shall be met, waived, or are non-applicable. Courses taken on the fee waiver program shall be taken for credit.


Fee waiver courses shall be job-related and taken for credit. The course of study will be established by the employee and an appropriate advisor of choice and shall be subject to approval by Human Resources. The CSU admission requirements shall not apply for job-related courses.


Subject to conditions listed in a. and b. below, an employee shall be granted reasonable release time for one CSU course per semester/quarter.

  1. The course shall be job-related.
  2. The operational needs of the department are met without additional costs as determined by the Program Head.


Employees on a leave of absence who otherwise are eligible to request a fee waiver may request fee waiver for enrollment in no more than two courses per semester/quarter.


In order for an employee to continue participation in this program, acceptable academic standards shall be maintained.


A record of completed courses may be placed in the employee's official personnel file.


The term "fee waiver" as used in this Article means a program that waives or reduces fees as listed below:

The following fees shall be fully waived:

Application Fee
Health Services Fee
Identification Card Fee
Instructionally Related Activity Fee

The following fees shall be reduced to one dollar:

Student Body Association Fee
Student Union Fee
Health Facilities Fee

The State University Fee shall be waived for the units of courses taken in the CSU fee waiver program.

Employees taking courses in addition to the CSU fee waiver courses shall pay any difference between the amount waived and the full State University Fee.

Employees shall pay the full amount of all fees not waived or reduced to one dollar.

Participation in the fee waiver program shall entitle an employee to instructional services but not to student services.