The President may issue orders, regulations or other directives to provide for the safety of employees and/or property. Employees covered by this Agreement shall obey such orders, regulations or directives.


An employee shall have the obligation to submit reasonable suggestions regarding physical working conditions to the Chief of Police or to raise any concerns regarding health or safety issues with the Chief of Police and shall be entitled to a response.


As current public safety patrol vehicles are surveyed out by the CSU, they will be replaced with vehicles equipped with the standard "police package."


Vehicle safety criteria developed by the CSU shall provide that designated vehicles used by Police employees in the course of duty shall be deemed safe for the use intended. Vehicles shall receive a complete safety inspection between 70,000 and 80,000 miles and each 10,000 miles thereafter.


The CSU shall provide each employee with the following equipment:

  1. badge
  2. CSU shoulder patches
  3. two name plates
  4. CSU identification card
  5. handgun
  6. holster
  7. gun belt and keepers
  8. ammunition and ammunition holder
  9. baton and baton ring or ASP and ASP holder
  10. handcuffs, key and case
  11. whistle
  12. notebook and pen
  13. flashlight and batteries
  14. protective rain gear
  15. body armor – Level III A (Level III A body armor will be phased in by campuses who are not using Level III A body armor concurrent with the manufacturer’s expiration date of current body armor


The following equipment, when authorized by the President, shall be available in each Police Department:

  1. aerosol pepper spray and holder
  2. shotgun
  3. rifle
  4. riot helmet and visor
  5. gas mask and cartridge
  6. coveralls
  7. Taser
  8. Critical incident/active shooter equipment accessible to officers in the event of a critical incident/active shooter incident. Critical incident active shooter equipment includes:
    • Ballistic helmets;
    • Tactical protective armor;
    • Ballistic shields; and
    • Tactical breaching equipment.


All of the items listed in this Article shall remain the property of the CSU.


In situations when there is only one employee on duty, each Police Department shall have an established procedure for providing police back-up service within a period of time which is reasonable under the circumstances of each case.


Upon written request from an employee, the Chief of Police, or his/her designee, shall provide the employee with a copy of the post-traumatic incident counseling policy contained in the Public Safety Policy Manual.

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