The CSU shall determine what tasks and work shall be assigned to the employees and which employees shall be assigned to perform the work.


Employees shall not be required to maintain fire protection equipment or devices on any campus. For purposes of this Article, maintenance shall not include inspection of fire protection equipment or devices.


Employees are not required to transport money, staff parking booths, or reconcile parking booth funds; however, they may be required to provide security for the transportation of money. In such a case, they shall be accompanied by a non-unit employee who shall be responsible for the actual amount of money transported. If a non-unit employee is not available, an employee shall be escorted by another unit employee from the University Police Department.


Appropriate POST-approved non-unit members may perform duties within the classification and qualification standards that are applicable to bargaining unit employees. Such performance of duties shall not cause or result in the displacement or reduction of Unit 8 personnel.


Dispatcher Duties

  1. a. Bargaining Unit 8 members may be required to work dispatcher duties in emergency situations and to cover breaks and lunch breaks.

  2. b. When there are absences of dispatchers, whether planned or unplanned, the Chief of Police shall endeavor to provide work coverage for the scheduled absences by using qualified non-Unit 8 employees.

  3. c. If appropriate coverage for dispatcher duties cannot be arranged, volunteers among off-duty Unit 8 employees will be requested. If there are not enough volunteers, dispatcher duties may be assigned to Unit 8 employees.


The Chief of Police shall retain discretion to determine reasonable accommodation involving employees with temporary medical limitations on a case by case basis. Such medical accommodations shall be assigned equitably among requesting unit members.

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