The parties to this Agreement mutually recognize that the services performed by employees covered by this Agreement are services essential to public health, safety and welfare. The Association, therefore, agrees that during the term of this Agreement there shall be no concerted failure by its members to report for duty, absent themselves from their work, stop work, or abstain in whole or in part from the full and proper performance of the duties of their employment. The Association further agrees that such prohibited concerted activities shall include strikes, sit-downs, slow-downs, stay-ins, "blue-flu," intermittent work stoppages, work to rule, or any other stoppages or alterations of existing work performance patterns that interfere with the services of the Employer.


Any violation of the foregoing by employees or the Association may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, discharge from employment of the employees involved, and the exercise of any other legal right or remedy available to the CSU. Disciplinary actions taken by the CSU in such cases shall not be subject to review under Article 7, Grievance Procedure, of this Agreement.


The Association, its officers and representatives shall in good faith use every reasonable effort to terminate any violation of this Article.

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