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CSU Seeks $77.5 Million from Stimulus for Intelligent Energy

Chemical Science building at CSU San Bernardino.
The 57,000 square foot Chemical Sciences Building at CSU San Bernardino uses
advanced monitoring technology to search out wasted energy.

September 14, 2009
By Erik Fallis

CSU is seeking federal dollars to launch energy efficiency projects for 934 buildings on all 23 campuses, creating or sustaining 1,100 jobs. The project, which is all about intelligent energy use, is called Energy IQ (eIQ).

Through eIQ the CSU will install advanced utility metering as part of a smart grid. This equipment will give staff, faculty and system operators real-time information on energy use which can be used to seek out and eliminate inefficiencies.

Once fully operational, eIQ will reduce campus energy usage by 90,000 megawatt hours per year, saving the CSU $20 million annually. Press Release.