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Current News Releases and Stories 2011

Date Headline
12/22/2011 Stories of Holiday Service: Story
12/22/2011 Meeting Societal Needs Through Public Service: Story
12/22/2011 Cal State Serves: Story
12/22/2011 CSU Leader: Cal State Serves
12/22/2011 Super Seniors: Story
12/15/2011 Provost Named as Interim President of Cal State Northridge: Release
12/13/2011 State Cuts Additional $100 Million from California State University Budget: Release
12/8/2011 California State University Gets Grant to Boost Service Learning in STEM Disciplines: Release
12/7/2011 CSU Leader: December 7, 2011
12/6/2011 Making a Global Impact: Story
12/6/2011 The Bucks Start Here: Story
12/5/2011 Third Year of Record High CSU Undergraduate Applications: Release
12/5/2011 Following in Her Footsteps: Story
12/5/2011 Study Gives Weight to Hormones: Story
12/5/2011 Northridge Presidential Search Process Extended: Release
12/2/2011 CSU Campuses Recognized as California's Safest: Story

Date Headline
11/30/2011 California State University Board Of Trustees Cancels Dec. 5 Special Committee Meeting: Release
11/28/2011 FYI: CSU Board of Trustees’ Special Committee on Presidential Selection and Compensation Meeting Schedule: December 5, 2011
11/23/2011 CSU Marine Faculty Awarded $1.75 Million in Grants: Story
11/22/2011 You Are California’s Future: Story
11/16/2011 CSU Asks State to Restore $333 Million in 2012-2013 Budget: Release
11/16/2011 California State University Issues Statement on Today's Board Meeting: Statement
11/15/2011 CSU Achieves Goal of Doubling Number of Math and Science Teachers: Release
11/10/2011 Inspiring a Nation… and a Campus: Story
11/10/2011 Capturing the Heart of Veterans History: Story
11/10/2011 Earning a Higher Education after Years of Valor: Story
11/10/2011 CSU Leader: Celebrating Student Veteran Success
11/10/2011 VA/CSUDH Program Helps Veterans Get Back on their Own Two Feet: Story
11/9/2011 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: November 15-16, 2011
11/9/2011 CSU Celebrates Student Veteran Success: Release
11/8/2011 A Thriving Mission: Story
11/7/2011 CSU's CalStateTEACH Program Awarded Full Program Accreditation: Release
11/7/2011 Media Arts Festival Features 39 CSU Student Projects: Release

Date Headline
10/31/2011 William B. Eisenhardt To Step Down as Cal Maritime President: Release
10/31/2011 A World of Possibilities: Story
10/28/2011 A Lesson on Life’s Necessities: Story
10/24/2011 A Proud Tradition: Story
10/24/2011 General Education Rethink Receives $1.1 Million in Funding: Release
10/20/2011 Establishing Connections through Programs: Story
10/20/2011 Building a Community Network: Story
10/20/2011 A Startup in Entrepreneurship: Story
10/20/2011 CSU: Invested in Your Success: Story
10/20/2011 CSU Leader - CSU: Invested in Your Success
10/19/2011 CSU to Educate Spanish-language Families with Third Annual “Es El Momento” Education Fair: Advisory
10/19/2011 A New Space Race Launches CSU Endeavors: Story
10/19/2011 Grant Contributes to CSU’s Role in Sustaining California’s Water Resources: Release
10/18/2011 California State University Unveils Nisei Diploma Project Videos: Release
10/14/2011 Fullerton Presidential Search Committee to Hold First Meeting: Release
10/14/2011 Northridge Presidential Search Committee to Hold First Meeting: Release
10/13/2011 Seizing the Opportunity: Story
10/10/2011 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees’ Special Committee on Presidential Selection and Compensation Meeting Schedule: October 13, 2011
10/10/2011 CSU Non-Resident Students Now Eligible for State-Funded Financial Aid Under Second Part of California Dream Act: Release
10/6/2011 Google Helps CSU Create Tech-Savvy Teachers: Story
10/6/2011 Community Service Kicks Off a New Year: Story
10/6/2011 Making Strides in STEM Education: Story
10/6/2011 CSU Leader: October 6, 2011
10/4/2011 Applications Open for CSU Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs: Release

Date Headline
9/29/2011 CSI: Cal State L.A.: Story
9/29/2011 The Dream of Being a Nurse: Story
9/27/2011 CSU Accepts Fall 2012 Applications Starting October 1: Release
9/27/2011 CSU Joins “100Kin10,” a Multi-sector Movement to Tackle Nation’s Need for 100,000 Excellent Math and Science Teachers in 10 Years: Release
9/23/2011 The Science of Life: Story
9/22/2011 Welcoming a New Academic Year: Story
9/22/2011 CSU Leader: September 22, 2011
9/21/2011 CSU Outlines 2012-2013 Budget Request to Legislature: Release
9/21/2011 Trustees Modify Presidential Selection Process: Story
9/20/2011 Participation Rates and Scholarships for Women Athletes at the CSU Continue to Grow According to Equal Opportunity in Athletics Report: Story
9/20/2011 CSU Alcohol Policies and Prevention Programs Report Shows Decreases in Alcohol-Related Misconduct Among Students: Story
9/16/2011 Turning CSU Innovation into Action: Story
9/15/2011 Hearst/CSU Trustees' Award Honors Inspirational Student Scholars: Release
9/14/2011 An Animated Learning Environment: Story
9/14/2011 The Race to Educate Veterans: Story
9/13/2011 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: September 20-21, 2011
9/12/2011 California's Eleventh Graders Demonstrate Significant Increases in Math and English Proficiency: Release
9/9/2011 CSU Campuses Commemorate the Heroes of 9/11: Story
9/8/2011 CSU Alumni Working for the Public: Story
9/8/2011 Providing Programs for Public Administration: Story
9/8/2011 Students Striving for Political Change: Story
9/8/2011 CSU Lays the Groundwork for Public Administration: Story
9/8/2011 CSU Leader: CSU Lays the Groundwork for Public Administration
9/7/2011 What Government Does: Story
9/7/2011 Shedding Some Light on Watersheds: Story
9/2/2011 The First Step Toward Graduation: Story

Date Headline
8/30/2011 Understanding Cultures, Encouraging Communities: Story
8/26/2011 The Curved Path: Story
8/26/2011 Student Leadership During Challenging Times: Story
8/25/2011 Trustees Recommend Changes to Presidential Selection Process, Discuss Compensation: Story
8/25/2011 CSU Super Saturday to Bring Hundreds of Prospective Students to Campus: Advisory
8/24/2011 One Week Remains for CSU Spring 2012 Applications: Story
8/24/2011 Shaken Up by East Coast Earthquake: Story
8/18/2011 CSU Campuses Cultivating Global Change: Story
8/18/2011 Learning the Ropes in Social Work: Story
8/18/2011 Passion for Compassion: Story
8/18/2011 Working for Social Change: Story
8/18/2011 CSU Leader: Working for Social Change
8/17/2011 Role Models: Story
8/17/2011 CSU Super Saturday Brings Students, Parents and Communities to Campus: Release
8/15/2011 Zzyzx: The CSU’s Scientific Oasis: Story
8/12/2011 Camp Prepares Students to Care for the Planet: Story
8/8/2011 CSU Receives Nearly 15,000 Applications in the First Week: Story
8/5/2011 Forbes Ranks 13 CSU Campuses Among “America’s Top Colleges”: Story
8/5/2011 Hook, Line and Sinkered into a Sea of Garbage: Story
8/4/2011 CSU Leader: August 4, 2011
8/4/2011 Debt Deal Preserves Pell Grants for California State University Students: Story
8/4/2011 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees’ Special Committee on Presidential Selection and Compensation Meeting Schedule: August 8 and 24, 2011

Date Headline
7/28/2011 California State University to Accept Applications for Spring 2012: Release
7/25/2011 CSU and DreamWorks Leaders Celebrate Partnership: Story
7/22/2011 CSU Meets with Legislators and Higher Education Leaders for SB 1440 Hearing: Story
7/21/2011 Working for California: The Voices of CSU Alumni: Story
7/21/2011 Campuses Creating History: Story
7/21/2011 CSU Celebrates 50 Years of Success: Story
7/21/2011 CSU Leader: CSU Celebrates 50 Years of Success
7/21/2011 Governor Announces Board of Trustees Appointments: Story
7/20/2011 Carmageddon: Apocalypse … Later? Story
7/19/2011 Summer Camp Has Gone Bio: Story
7/18/2011 Greening California's Colleges and Universities: Story
7/14/2011 STEM Takes Root in Summer, Grows at CSU: Story
7/14/2011 CSU Leader: July 14, 2011
7/12/2011 Following $650 Million Budget Cut, CSU Trustees Approve Additional Tuition Increase for Fall: Release
7/8/2011 CSU Sustains Hospitality and Tourism in California: Story
7/7/2011 Helping Serve California’s Economy: Story
7/7/2011 Destination: Cal State to the Golden State: Story
7/7/2011 Growing Hospitality and Tourism Through the Grapevine: Story
7/7/2011 CSU Leader - Destination: Cal State to the Golden State
7/6/2011 Obama Appoints President Garcia to Presidential Advisory Commission: Story
7/5/2011 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: July 12, 2011
7/1/2011 Lessons Learned from Our Peers: Story

Date Headline
6/30/2011 2011-12 State Budget Reduces Funding to CSU by at Least $650 Million: Release
6/30/2011 Prevention is Key to California’s Health: Story
6/30/2011 Water Officials, Researchers, Advocates at CSU Conference Address Solutions – and Funding – to Fix Water Systems in Poorer Neighborhoods: Release
6/28/2011 California State University Issues Response to Proposed 2011-12 Budget: Statement
6/28/2011 Developing Funding For Disadvantaged Community Infrastructure Projects: Advisory
6/28/2011 A Promise Kept: Story
6/27/2011 Curtains Up for Final CSU Summer Arts Season in Fresno: Story
6/24/2011 California State University Issues Statement on Impending Budget Deadline: Statement
6/23/2011 Promoting a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul: Story
6/23/2011 Helping Hands for Public Health: Story
6/23/2011 Beating the Freshman Fifteen: Story
6/23/2011 Improving Health One Lesson at a Time: Story
6/23/2011 Advancing Public Health with Hands-on Learning: Story
6/23/2011 CSU Leader: Improving Health One Lesson at a Time
6/21/2011 Addressing the Needs of an Aging Generation: Story
6/20/2011 Looking Beyond the Cure: Story
6/20/2011 From Zimbabwe and Back, via CSUCI, to Fight AIDS: Story
6/15/2011 California State University Issues Response to Democratic Budget Proposal: Statement
6/14/2011 That's What You Call Quite an Accomputationalishment! Story
6/14/2011 Another Serving Gleaned from ARI Confab: Story
6/14/2011 Planting a Seed to Expand Ag Research: Story
6/13/2011 A Higher Degree of Preparation for Health Discoveries: Story
6/10/2011 Emancipated Youths Celebrate College Graduations: Story
6/9/2011 Ready for the Next Step: Story
6/9/2011 Advice to the Class of 2011: Story
6/9/2011 CSU Leader - June 9, 2011
6/2/2011 Two California State University Campuses Cited Among Most Affordable, Accessible with Graduation Success Rates: Release
6/2/2011 STRIDE Sets Sights on Obesity, Other Weighty Health Issues: Story
6/2/2011 Obesity Resources from CSU, NIH: Story
6/2/2011 The Body Seen Via DXA: Story
6/2/2011 Zhao, Students Use Stem Cells to Track Fat Creation, Drugs’ Side Effects: Story
6/2/2011 Coming at Obesity from Many Angles: Story

Date Headline
5/27/2011 Final Dispatch on Tsunami in ‘Japan Reconnaissance’: Story
5/26/2011 Building New Connections: Story
5/25/2011 Engineering Puts Women on Solid Ground: Story
5/24/2011 CSU Leaders Meet with Governor Brown To Advocate Against Additional Budget Cuts: Release
5/24/2011 CSU Receives Honor for 50th Anniversary: Story
5/24/2011 Digital Biology Textbook to Cost CSU Students Just $49: Release
5/23/2011 CSU Reaches out to Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities with Journey to Success College Fairs: Release
5/20/2011 From Tsunami Wreckage in Japan, Sobering Lessons for California: Story
5/20/2011 The Frontline of Professional Science Master's: Story
5/18/2011 By Giving Genes the Silent Treatment, Bonneau Earns Biochemical Kudos: Story
5/19/2011 Accelerating California’s Engineering Industry: Story
5/19/2011 Building a Better Future: Story
5/19/2011 CSU Teaches Students the Mechanics of Engineering: Story
5/19/2011 CSU Leader: CSU Teaches Students the Mechanics of Engineering
5/19/2011 California State University Campuses Lead in Community Engagement: Release
5/17/2011 CSU Enhances Student Achievement at Intel ISEF: Story
5/16/2011 Governor's May Revision Ties $1 Billion CSU Cut to Tax Extensions: Release
5/16/2011 Stellar Roster: CSU’s White House Honorees for Science Guidance: Story
5/16/2011 White House Honors Science-Guiding Star from CSU: Story
5/14/2011 Aerospace Legend Rutan on Space Exploration in CSU’s VnV: Story
5/14/2011 COAST to Dive into PRIMO Conference for Global Look at Marine Pollution: Story
5/13/2011 CSU Students Compete by Demonstrating Original Research: Story
5/12/2011 May 2011 Board of Trustees Meeting - Legislative Update: Story
5/12/2011 The New Space Race: Story
5/12/2011 CSU’s Value Demonstrated in California K-12 Classrooms: Story
5/12/2011 CSU Libraries: Numbers Validate the Need: Story
5/12/2011 CSU Leader - May 12, 2011
5/12/2011 ‘Dr. Ramani’ Reaching Masses with Research Via ‘Reality TV’: Story
5/11/2011 CSU Faculty Judges, Students Interpret as Ambassadors to World’s Largest Science Fair: Story
5/11/2011 Carter Reelected Chair of CSU Board of Trustees: Story
5/11/2011 CSU’s COAST, Others to Convene at Global PRIMO Sessions
to Address Toxins in Aquatic Life, May 15-18 in Long Beach:
5/11/2011 CSU Trustees Appoint Elliot Hirshman as President of San Diego State: Release
5/10/2011 Contingency Plan For $1 Billion Cut to California State University Outlined At Board of Trustees Meeting: Release
5/9/2011 CSU to Participate in Intel International Science and Engineering Fair: Release
5/4/2011 CSU Water Experts Gather in Long Beach: Story
5/3/2011 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: May 9-10, 2011
5/2/2011 Cal Poly Pomona Hosts State Budget Hearing: Story
5/2/2011 Governor Announces Board of Trustees Appointments: Story

Date Headline
4/29/2011 Three Finalists Named for San Diego State Presidency: Release
4/29/2011 Defending the California Dream: Story
4/29/2011 Illustrating an Eon – or a Frog: Story
4/28/2011 CSU Releases Preliminary Fall 2011 Applications and Admissions Data: Release
4/28/2011 WRPI Gets the Lowdown on the Delta: Story
4/27/2011 From Battlefields to Farmers’ Fields: Story
4/27/2011 Water Solutions: WRPI’s Applied Research for a Precious Resource: Story
4/22/2011 CSU Community Service Helps Heal the Planet: Story
4/20/2011 Speaker Pérez, Legislators and Education Leaders Convene for Education Summit: Story
4/19/2011 Back to the Future in Fuel Cells: A Talk with Pioneer Peter Lehman: Story
4/19/2011 Once Sent to the Moon, Fuel Cells Rising in the CSU: Story
4/18/2011 Leroy M. Morishita Appointed Interim President of East Bay Campus: Release
4/15/2011 Students and Carbon Footprints: Story
4/15/2011 Creating Sustainable Leaders: Story
4/15/2011 Greening California: Story
4/15/2011 CSU Leader: Greening California
4/15/2011 CSU Demonstrates Its Commitment to Sustainability: Release
4/14/2011 Interview with Noyce Scholar Margarita Velasco: Story
4/14/2011 Interview with Noyce Scholar Maelanie Galima: Story
4/14/2011 CSU Tells Legislative Budget Committee Further Budget Cuts Would be Devastating: Story
4/13/2011 Students’ Drive, Noyce Program Help CSU Prepare Top-notch Science Teachers: Story
4/13/2011 CSU to Detail Consequences of 'All Cuts' Budget at Senate Hearing: Story
4/8/2011 CSU Students Lead the Way in 'Greenovation': Story
4/7/2011 CSU Leader - April 7, 2011
4/7/2011 CSU Meets with Hospitality Industry Leaders to Talk about Education, Jobs: Story
4/6/2011 Higher Education Leaders Detail Consequences of Budget Cuts with Governor, Legislators: Story
4/4/2011 Higher Education Leaders Head to Sacramento for Advocacy Day: Story
4/1/2011 Three CSU Campuses Benefit from EDD Grants: Story
4/1/2011 Survey of CSU Science Faculty Makes Science Editors’ Lit-pick List: Story
4/1/2011 CSU's Green Alumni: Story

Date Headline
3/30/2011 The Struggle Continues: Story
3/30/2011 Honoring Chavez's Legacy of Service: Story
3/30/2011 Entertainment Executives and CSU Meet to Address Industry Trends and Needs: Story
3/30/2011 Learning from the Stars at CSU Summer Arts: Story
3/29/2011 History in the Making: Story
3/24/2011 Lending a Hand to Japan: Story
3/24/2011 CSU Leader - March 24, 2011
3/22/2011 CSU Trustees Appoint Mohammad Qayoumi as President of San José State: Release
3/22/2011 CSU Reviews Initial Strategies to Address $500 Million Cut in State Funding: Release
3/17/2011 CSU: Where Stars are Born: Story
3/17/2011 The CSU Entertainment Industry Initiative Shines Bright: Story
3/17/2011 A Spotlight on Summer Arts: Story
3/17/2011 CSU Leader - CSU: Where Stars are Born
3/17/2011 Tsunami – 10 Surges in 4 hours at Morro Bay: Story
3/16/2011 How Does a Dual-Isotope Rubidium Magnetometer Work? Story
3/16/2011 Trying to Catch Gravitational Waves: Story
3/15/2011 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: March 22, 2011
3/12/2011 Tsunami – Operations Suspended, Vessels Survive at Moss Landing Marine Labs: Story
3/11/2011 Tsunamis – from North to South, Some CSU Insights: Story
3/11/2011 Three Finalists Named for San José State Presidency: Release
3/11/2011 From Vision to Reality: Story
3/11/2011 STAR Photos Surface, Show Budding Teachers at Major Research Outposts: Story
3/10/2011 A Force to Attract Physics Teachers, PhysTEC Open House at CSULB April 9: Story
3/9/2011 Where Research Waters Flow: Story
3/3/2011 CSU Students Lend a Hand at Tax Time: Story
3/3/2011 Higher Education Heightens Inspiration at Super Sunday: Story
3/3/2011 CSU Leaders Take Agenda to the Hill: Story
3/3/2011 CSU Leader - March 3, 2011
3/3/2011 Spring Fashion Tip: What goes with La Niña? Story
3/2/2011 When Tornados Touch Down – in California? Story
3/2/2011 CSU Super Sunday, Photos from Feb. 27: Story

Date Headline
2/26/2011 CSU Super Sunday, Photos from Feb. 20: Story
2/22/2011 Building Bridges to Educational Success for Former Foster Youth: Story
2/18/2011 Living the Mission: Story
2/17/2011 Shaping Teachers for California: Story
2/17/2011 Innovative Programs Creating Innovative Teachers: Story
2/17/2011 CSU Leader - CSU Prepares Future Teachers
2/17/2011 California State University’s STAR Guides Toward Science Teaching: Release
2/17/2011 CSU Focuses on Future Teachers at Teacher Preparation Summit: Story
2/15/2011 CSU Super Sunday, Photos from Feb. 13: Story
2/15/2011 Financial Aid Deadline Approaching for CSU Students: Release
2/15/2011 CSU Chancellor to Bring College Message to Church in Irvine on Feb. 20: Advisory
2/14/2011 COAST Covered Across CSU: Story
2/12/2011 CSU Seeks to Infuse Research Into Undergrad STEM Curricula: Story
2/11/2011 A Call to Teach: Story
2/10/2011 Engineering a Path to Success: Story
2/9/2011 California State University and National Academy of Sciences to Host Teacher Preparation Summit: Release
2/9/2011 Higher Education Leaders Testify Before Assembly Budget Subcommittee: Story
2/4/2011 Research Changes Lives: Story
2/4/2011 CSU's Push for Accessibility and Efficiency: Story
2/4/2011 CSU Leader - CSU's Push for Accessibility and Efficiency
2/4/2011 Industry Report Cites CSU Key Role in Biomedical Sector: Story
2/4/2011 California State University Leads National Effort to Expand Professional Science Master's Program: Release
2/4/2011 Seeking Future Outstanding Alumni: Story
2/3/2011 Chico Professor, Co-Authors Find Disconnect Between Botany Grad Students, Faculty, Employers: Story
2/3/2011 California State University Seeks Ways to Integrate Research Into Undergraduate Learning Across the System: Release
2/2/2011 CSU Leaders take to the Pulpit in Super Sunday Events across the State in February: Release

Date Headline
1/31/2011 Plastic Soup: Story
1/27/2011 The Science Behind the CSU: Story
1/27/2011 CSU Drives California’s Knowledge-based Industries: Story
1/27/2011 CSU Leader - The Science Behind the CSU
1/26/2011 California State University Continues Its Focus on Better Preparing Students for College Level Academics: Release
1/26/2011 Philanthropy Supports Excellence at the CSU: Release
1/25/2011 CSU Trustees Approve Tuition Fee Increase for Education Doctorate Programs: Release
1/25/2011 San Francisco State Alumni Shine Bright in Hollywood: Story
1/25/2011 From the Lab, the Beach, the Abyss: Story
1/24/2011 A Showcase of CSU Biotechnology Expertise: Story
1/21/2011 San Diego Presidential Search Committee to Hold First Meeting: Release
1/19/2011 CSU Leaders Participate in Discussion with Assembly Committee on Higher Education: Story
1/18/2011 FYI - Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: January 25 & 26, 2011
1/18/2011 CSU Campuses Selected for First Step Toward Nursing Doctoral Programs: Release
1/14/2011 Students Tackle Brain Receptors, Find Mutant Genes, Win Awards: Story
1/14/2011 Remembering and Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Story
1/13/2011 CSU Leader - January 13, 2011
1/11/2011 Three California State University Campuses Honored by Carnegie Foundation for Distinctive Community Engagement: Release
1/10/2011 California’s Public Higher Education Leaders Issue Joint Statement on Governor's Budget: Statement
1/10/2011 Governor's Budget for California State University Calls for Deep Cuts: Release
1/5/2011 23rd CSU Biotechnology Symposium in Anaheim Jan. 7-8: Advisory
1/4/2011 CSUPERB Cites Stellar Biotech Efforts with Symposium Awards: Release
1/3/2011 Hsing Kung Appointed to CSU Board of Trustees: Story
1/3/2011 California State University Launches New Blog – Science and the CSU: Release

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