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Campus Functional Area Customer Satisfaction Surveys Administration Process

The Chancellor's Office Organizational Excellence department is once again offering campuses the ability to participate in the systemwide customer satisfaction surveys. Your campus may administer as many surveys as you like at no cost. We have made improvements to our tools and have standardized to streamline our process as follows:

  • We procured a new survey tool that will streamline administration and analysis.
  • We went through existing surveys and standardized the wording; therefore no question or wording changes can be made. This will enable us to create comparison reports. We can modify department names, example: Career Center, Counseling Center, Career Education.
  • You can “hide” or not ask any of the questions.
  • 5 custom questions can be added to the end of each survey.
  • The Chancellor’s Office will deploy and administer all surveys using the new tool.
  • Simplified standard reports will be created.

Administration Window: March 28 - May 31, 2016
(You can pick a survey period (2-weeks) any time between dates listed above.)

If you would like to participate (download instructions here):

  1. Download the surveys that you are interested in. (links below)
  2. Highlight any questions that you do not want to ask. (optional)
  3. Add your 5 custom questions to the end of the survey (optional)
  4. Add primary contact information and your desired survey window timeframe.
  5. Email downloaded and 'marked up' (Word versions below)surveys to anaik@calstate.edu

In order to deploy the surveys, we will need:

  1. Email lists in Excel, CSV or txt format. If desired, include demographic information (Department, Faculty, Staff) that you would like to automatically feed into results.
  2. Email Invite text.
  3. Breakdown of the sample population (#faculty, #staff, #students, #MPP)

Survey download links:

MS Word version to submit
Analysis Report Example
1. Accounting (Faculty, Staff)
2. Accounts Payable (Faculty, Staff)
3. Career Development Center (Faculty, Staff)
4. Career Services (Student)
5. Environmental Health/Occupational Safety Programs (Faculty, Staff)
6. Facilities (Student, Faculty, Staff)
7. Financial Aid (Student)
8. Health (Student)
9. Housing (Student)
10. Human Resources (Faculty, Staff)
11. Library (Student, Faculty, Staff)
12. Mail (Faculty, Staff)
13. Parking (Student, Faculty, Staff)
14. Procurement (Faculty, Staff)
15. Shipping and Receiving (Faculty, Staff)
16. Student Accounts (Student)
17. University Police (Student, Faculty, Staff)

Custom questions used by campuses in prior surveys.

Question and Answer powerpoint link.


If you have any questions, contact Alexis Naiknimbalkar at anaik@calstate.edu.

Content Contact:
Alexis Naiknimbalkar
Technical Contact:

Last Updated: May 25, 2016