Student Academic Services

CSU Systemwide Committees

As the official voice of California State University students, California State Student Association (CSSA) recommends students to important decision‐making committees on behalf of the CSU system.  Learn more about CSSA including how to get involved on CSU Systemwide Committee at California State Student Association.

Description of the CSU systemwide committees for student representation:

Admission Advisory Council (1 student rep, 1 year term)

  • Advises the chancellor about admission issues by reviewing systemwide admission policy and practices to ensure compliance with CSU Board of Trustees policy

California Student Aid Commission

  • It is the mission of the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) to make education beyond high school financially accessible to all Californians. As the entity that administers state and federal financial aid to California’s college students, CSAC is comprised of commissioners appointed by the Governor to carry out this crucial component of higher education attainment.

Financial Aid Advisory Council (on hiatus)

  • Assists in the development of systemwide policy and guidelines for the administration of state and federal student financial aid, including reviews of the following types of issues: 1. What is the role of financial aid in the CSU system? How does the role support the CSU goal of increasing enrollment of students from underrepresented groups? How can we assist low-income, first-time students without the burden of student loans and student employment programs? What else can the CSU do to reduce Guaranteed Student Loan default rates?

General Education Advisory Committee

  • Reviews and proposes any necessary revisions in the objectives, requirements and implementation of system General Education-Breadth policy. Studies general education policies and practices inside and outside the system

Grant Advisory Committee (on hiatus)

  • Advises the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) on program funding and policy issues related to the provisions of state administered grants and specialized programs for California students.

Institute for Teaching and Learning (1 rep, 1 year term)

  • Coordinates and facilitates the advancement of teaching and learning and faculty professional activities. Provides assistance and resources in support of the highest standards of university teaching excellence. Provides support for faculty members to grow professionally

Intersegmental Coordinating Committee (ICC)-a projects of the California Education Round Table

  • Carries out the mandate from the California Education Round Table for more effective intersegmental relations and for seeing that intersegmental problems are resolved in a timely manner. Identifies problems that need to be addressed. Receives issues raised by others. Assigns unresolved matters either to existing bodies or to ad hoc groups for resolution

Services to Students with Disabilities Advisory Committee (5 reps, 2 year term)

Student Health Services Advisory Committee (2 reps, 1 year term)

Student Mental Health Services Advisory Committee (2 reps, 1 year term)

  • Created in 2009 to report on the appropriate level of mental health services necessary to address student needs and to review and identify the resources necessary to provide those services. The committee also conducts research into national trends in collegiate mental health and uses national surveys to benchmark data. Meets in Fall and Spring. Refer to Executive Order 1053: Policy on Student Mental Health.

Subcommittee on Honorary Degrees (1 rep, 1 year term)

  • Reviews nominations for individuals under consideration for receiving an honorary degree from the CSU. Forwards recommendations to the Board of Trustees Committee on Educational Policy.

Summer Arts Advisory Council (2 reps, 2 year term)

  • Provides recommendations and advice about the program's direction to the Office of Academic Affairs. Typically meets in Fall and Spring at the Chancellors Office.