Systemwide Financial Reporting

Year-End Reporting Instructions 2006-2007

This page is the INDEX page for the \2006-2007\ Instructions. In the future this page will become the new LEGAL\GAAP page. and will link to the appropriate files from there.

•  Year-End Reporting Instructions 2006-2007 (.doc)

    Attachments 2006-2007
  1. List of Year-End Report Products (.doc)

  2. Transmittal and Report Certification Memo (.doc)

  3. Report Table of Contents
    1. State Controller (.doc)
    2. CSU Financial Systems, Standards & Reporting (.doc)

  4. People to Contact if you have Questions
  5. (.doc)

  6. Instructions for Binding Reports
  7. (.doc)

  8. Report of Bank/Savings & Loan Association Account Outside the Treasury System
  9. (.xls)

  10. Sample Report for Allocation Orders Pending
  11. (.pdf)

  12. Samples of a Statement of Changes in General Fixed Assets and State of General Fixed Assets
  13. (.xls)

  14. Statement of Contingent Liabilities (.pdf)
  15. FIRMS Submission for Auxiliary Organizations (.xls)

  16. Year-End Reports Checklist (.doc)

  17. Award for Excellence Criteria
    1. Checklist (.pdf)
    2. CSU Award Statistics (.xls)
    3. Accrual Worksheet (.xls)
•  SCO GAAP Adjustment Template (.xls)
•  Legal Basis Reporting Presentations
All presentations are in PowerPoint
•  Year-End Reporting Instructions 2005-2006 (.doc)
•  Year-End Workshop Agenda (.pdf)

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