Academic Affairs

Communication With and Delegation of Authority to CSU Campuses

Formal communications between the system office and all institutions are achieved through regular system meetings, Executive Orders, and coded and other memoranda. In addition, correspondence and telephone communication on matters particular to individual campuses are routine. In general, attempts are made to keep senior administrative officers at the campuses aware of communications occurring between Chancellor's Office and campus personnel.

System meetings are scheduled regularly with the Presidents (Executive Council), the chief academic officers, the chief business officers, and such other groups as the deans of education and deans of graduate study.

Special meetings and conferences are scheduled as needed. These may involve a targeted group of administrators, or they may involve a topic (such as conferences sponsored by the Institute for Teaching and Learning).

Executive orders are issued to campus presidents when authority is being delegated to them from the Chancellor. Coded memoranda are issued, to presidents or other senior administrators (with copies to presidents) by divisions of the Chancellor's Office. They transmit general information; promulgate Trustee policies; or request information needed for budget development, record keeping and reporting, or policy implementation.