Academic Affairs

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Access to Excellence
A strategic plan that builds upon and succeeds Cornerstones, Access to Excellence anticipates what the people of the state will need from the CSU in the next decade, and generally indicates how best to position the institution to meet those needs.

CSU System Overview of Policy & Operations
Brief Overview of CSU Policy and Operations CSU System, History, Mission, and Effectiveness.

Early Assessment Program (EAP)
The program was established to provide opportunities for students to measure their readiness for college-level English and mathematics in their junior year of high school.

Early Start Initiative
The Early Start Initiative is a preparation plan for high school student who may not meet academic requirements for entry into a two or four year institution after graduation. The initiative is set to not only work with high school students, but also their parents, high school counselor, community colleges, and CSU campuses to better prepare California high school students.

News and Reflections
News and Reflections is the newsletter of the California State Universityís Division of Academic Affairs. It is distributed quarterly, or more often, given the timing of various academic matters. News and Reflections highlights major academic issues from the Chancellorís Office, spotlights campus programs and features a message from Executive Vice Chancellor Ephraim Smith. It also contains resources and links for additional information.