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Principles - Under Cornerstones

One:  By its nature, accountability is a public-oriented process that seeks to inform public constituents of the results, value, and quality of the CSU system and its campuses. Many of the performance areas and indicators, therefore, are those that are deemed important by the CSU but also that are well understood by the public. It should be noted that all campuses have assessment procedures and standards that respect the complexity, breadth, and integrity of the core academic disciplines and functions. Through these internal procedures, campus faculty and administrators are responsible for the quality of academic programs.

Two: Accountability not only informs the public about the performance of the CSU and its campuses, but is also an opportunity to show commitment to continued progress. Accordingly, the system and each campus will report in ways that capture how performance evolves over time. The focus will be on the performance of individual campuses in the context of their different missions, goals, students, and environment. To these ends, and whenever possible, accountability information will be presented in formats that avoid comparisons among campuses and that include performance over multiple years.

Three: CSU campuses reflect different missions, goals, and strengths. While some performance areas and indicators apply to all CSU campuses, others address unique missions of individual campuses as determined by the regular processes of campus governance. The accountability process allows the individual campus to describe (through campus selected performance areas or indicators or other explanatory information) how it contributes to the development of its particular students, whose background and preparation may vary from students at other campuses.

Four: The CSU constantly evaluates performance areas and accountability indicators to ensure that they effectively reflect institutional performance. The overall accountability process will be evaluated after one complete cycle (four years). The CSU will consult widely in the development and refinement of performance areas, indicators, reports, and the overall accountability process.  

Five: To the extent possible, the CSU will rely upon existing data, information systems, standard reports, and processes in the development of indicators and accountability reports.

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