Academic Affairs

International Engagement

Access to Excellence, the California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees strategic plan, includes the idea of a globally engaged university as one of its strategic commitments. Specifically, Commitment 7 addresses internationalizing the university:

The CSU universities deploy programs now that create understanding of global issues and foster the capacity to collaborate with partners both globally and locally. Across the coming decade, strong and effective programs to build global awareness need to be replicated throughout the system. Accordingly, the CSU will support faculty work that internationalizes curricula and the experiences of students and faculty alike.

In support of the Access to Excellence commitment to a globally engaged university, the CSU System and its 23 campuses internationalization efforts are connected to the institutional mission and this connection is broadly understood among the institution's stakeholders and is guided by principles of good practice.

The CSU System Office of International and Summer Programs works with campuses to support internationalization efforts and assists in the development and implementation of policy in this area.

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