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Chancellor Timothy P. White, California State University

Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts on the California State University. I’ve been honored by the warm reception on each of your campuses in the past year – and appreciate the kind response to last month’s State of the CSU address.

The editor of Faculty to Faculty asked me something interesting: How does place define a campus? This is a fascinating question. It touches on something that I have been thinking a lot about lately: How does the confluence of where we are – in this place, given those we serve, at this moment in time – affect the actions of the CSU and inform our next steps?

Honoring Our Place

The CSU, as with each campus, is inseparable from the community and system of education that exists locally. Nearly every student at the CSU comes from the California public school system and/or California community colleges. As a result, developing students’ college-ready skills before graduating high school requires a collaborative response with education partners.

University of California President Janet Napolitano, California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris and I have committed to closer cooperation – within public higher education and with the pre-K through 12 school system. In so doing, we are following the positive examples of partnerships that already exist between the faculties of these great institutions.

The system will continue to encourage the work of CSU faculty to bolster transfer degree completion rates in collaboration with community college peers – both through the statewide SB 1440 framework and through countless local partnerships. Campus flexibility and variation of methods is critical; however, the CSU mission is the same on all 23 campuses and we maximize results by joining forces when student interests overlap.

Pictured above: Chancellor Timothy P. White in dialogue with Sacramento State’s Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Janet Hecsh and other faculty during the Chancellor’s campus visit this year.

Pictured above: Chancellor Timothy P. White in dialogue with Sacramento State’s Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Janet Hecsh and other faculty during the Chancellor’s campus visit this year.

Honoring Our People

The success of the CSU derives from the extraordinary work of faculty with students, in and out of the classroom. Regardless of the medium, education is an enterprise that is driven by people. Technology is one arrow in the quiver, but someone must wield the bow. 

I’ve committed to a $50 million reinvestment in the people of this system. Among these areas is hiring more tenure-track faculty to begin reversing the long-declining ratio of tenured and tenure-track faculty to lecturers. This will allow students and faculty to build lifelong advising and mentoring relationships, while bringing expertise onto campus that benefits the entire community.

The system is also investing in high-impact practices that include service learning, undergraduate participation in applied research, internships, study abroad and first-year student learning communities that support persistence to degree completion. These, again acknowledge and celebrate the fact that education is an immersive and multifaceted experience.

Honoring Our Moment in Time

President Obama offered higher education in the United States, an ambitious goal of regaining world leadership in college completion. He has also shone a light on disparities with low-income and underserved communities. California must lead the way for the President’s initiative to succeed – and the CSU plays a central role. Our students are diverse, our faculty members are innovative, and our results are strong.

The CSU mission of accessible, affordable, quality education is right for our time. Completion stands among those pillars. If we can work with the students of the CSU to help more of them receive the full benefit of their education through a bachelor’s, a credential, or a graduate degree, then we will be in a position to show the rest of the nation how higher education meets the needs of the future. 

The California State University – as a unified front of faculty, students, staff, administrators and alumni – is a powerful force for good in the economy and society. I need your assistance in making the case to Sacramento that investment in this university, at this time, will be put to wise use in reinvigorating California.